Find Your Pet
Have you lost a pet? Use PAWS to see if your lost pet has been found.
Return A Pet
Have you found a pet? Use PAWS to see if a pet you've found has been reported lost.
Adopt A Pet
Would you like to adopt a pet? Check out the list of adoptable pets in PAWS.
Match A Lost Report
Have you already made a PAWS lost pet report? You can compare your lost report with the list of found pets.
Disclaimer: Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control makes every effort to regularly update the information provided on its Web site. However, due to the possibility of unauthorized modification of the data, transmission errors, HTML browser incompatibilities, changes made since the last update to the web site or other aspects of electronic communication that are beyond Palm Beach County’s control, Palm Beach County does not guarantee the accuracy of the animals listed as found or lost or other information provided on its Web site and is not liable for reliance on this information.
To verify an animal's availability of adoption or reclaiming, you must call or visit the animal shelter identified as holding the animal.
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