Contractor Information
Certification No:  U-17975 Status:  EXPIRED
Contractor:  Harris, Jerome Company:  JVC Pool Finishers Inc
Classification:  Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair DBA: 
Hold:  Business:  7044 Glenwood Dr
Boynton Beach FL 33436
Expiration:  09/30/2013 Phone:  561-969-1217
Insurance:  03/12/2012 EXPIRED Fax:  561-964-2588
Bond:  09/30/2013 EXPIRED Email:
Work Comp:    BTR No: 
Work Comp Exemption:  06/08/2013 EXPIRED Countywide BTR: 
BTR Authority: 
BTR Exp. Date: 
Authorized Signature Details
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Note : A contractor who possesses a Certificate of Competency to contract in a specified trade in unincorporated Palm Beach County and all the Municipalities.