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Our formal Charter Review Feedback Survey has ended. The results of the survey were presented to the Board at their November 29 workshop. Review the workshop agenda and video replay of the workshop. Staff was directed to review the operating costs and possible duplicity of services of each constitutional office. Results will be presented to the BCC later this year.

PBC CharterOn Nov. 6, 1984, Palm Beach County voters approved a home rule charter form of government. The charter, in essence, is the document that spells out how county government will operate. Among other things, it establishes “home rule,” a County Manager form of government, provides a process to amend or modify the charter itself, and gives voters the power to remove county commissioners from office, known as recall.

The charter enables Palm Beach County voters, through their elected officials, to have greater independence in determining how their local government will function and what services it provides. Since taking effect in January 1985, the charter has had several voter-approved additions (amendments), but not a thorough, grass-roots level review.

Citizen participation in this review process is of utmost importance to the people who have been elected to represent them. Please take the time to review this website and download a copy of Palm Beach County's Charter.