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About 4-H



4-H: The Youth Solution

Thousands of Palm Beach County youth between the ages of 5 and 18 benefit from 4-H each year.  4-H staff, volunteers and our partners create a wealth of opportunities that help young people learn and grow.  Clubs, afterschool programs, in-school programs, camps, fair, leadership opportunities and a wide array of special events serve as opportunities for children to develop Competence, Confidence, Character, Caring and Connection.   By using a “learn-by-doing” approach that focuses on fun, hands-on, real world activities youth are able to explore subjects they love while gaining critical life skills.
Palm Beach County 4-H is a partnership between University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service and Palm Beach County Government.  Together, in collaboration with a diverse team of local, state and federal partners we utilize the latest research based information to create intentional, long-term, positive youth development opportunities. 

4-H Staff

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