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Do Your Kids Have Breakfast before going to School?

Research shows that breakfast eaters perform better in the classroom, miss fewer days of school, have better hand–eye coordination, and maintain their weight better. August is the month when a new school year starts. Make a new school year resolution to start feeding healthier breakfast to your children!

If time is an issue in your house, try some of these easy-to-prepare breakfasts:

  • A slice of whole wheat bread topped with mashed beans and sour cream.
  • Dry cereal mixed with plain yogurt
  • Frozen waffles topped with peanut butter
  • String cheese rolled in a whole wheat tortilla
  • A whole wheat pita stuffed with egg salad
  • A slice of whole wheat bread with sour cream
  • Scrambled eggs on a whole corn tortilla
  • Corn tortilla with sour cream