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As the Regional Sugarcane Extension Agent, I provide information and conduct educational programs on issues related to sugarcane. I also have responsibilities in rice and sod. Although my office is located in Belle Glade in Palm Beach County I also work with growers in Hendry, Glades, and Martin Counties.

The goal of my Extension program is to serve as a link between growers and researchers at the University of Florida. This ensures that new technologies are made available to growers and keeps researchers up-to-date on the needs of the growers. The topics and areas that I focus on are determined by my advisory committee, which is composed of a variety of growers and researchers in the Everglades agricultural area.



"The agent of the government does not come to the farmer with a program or plan all worked out in advance. He or she and the people, working as partners, develop the plan together and carry it out together. The government contributes technical knowledge, based on its continuing research; the farming people contribute their local knowledge and experiences, each supplementing the knowledge of the other and both the stronger for the association."

C.B. Smith and M.C. Wilson, 1930. USDA Extension Service.


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Sugarcane, Rice, Sod
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