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About the Florida Friendly Landscaping Program

The Florida-Friendly Landscaping ™ program emphasizes nine major principles that allow residents to create beautiful yards and gardens while protecting our precious water, preserving natural resources, and saving on costs. We are a statewide public education program from the University of Florida's Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program which currently partners with other Florida counties to promote sound landscape practices.


  • Water Conservation
  • Reduction of Storm-water Runoff
  • Creation of Wildlife Habitats

The Nine Principles

The nine Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ principles are: Right Plant, Right Place; Water Efficiently; Fertilize Appropriately; Mulch; Attract Wildlife; Manage Yard Pests Responsibly; Recycle Yard Waste; Reduce Stormwater Runoff; and Protect the Waterfront.

Benefits of Florida-Friendly Landscaping

  • Aesthetic landscapes increase the value of your house and property
  • Reduces your water bill up to 40% after plants are established
  • Plant diversity increase interest and reduces the spread of insects and disease
  • Decreases the level of weekly maintenance in your yard
  • Reduces stormwater runoff to protect the fish and birds dependant on our lakes, rivers and estuaries
  • Decreases non point source pollution function going into our water bodies so they can be used for recreation
  • Creates habitat for birds and butterflies
  • Protects our natural resources for future generations

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