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Certified Yards


Yard Certification

Download this checklist to see if you're ready for a yard evaluation. When your landscape is ready, the first two pages serve as your application.

Our program operates a recognition process for properties that practice the nine principles of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program.

These principles are:

  1. Right Plant, Right Place
  2. Yard Pests
  3. Water Efficiently
  4. Fertilize Appropriately
  5. Mulch
  6. Recycle
  7. Stormwater Runoff
  8. Protect the Waterfront
  9. Wildlife Habitats

This recognition is not limited to single family homeowners; it is also offered to multifamily properties and businesses. Our goal in Palm Beach County is to have more Florida-Friendly recognized properties than any other county in the state.


In Palm Beach County, a knowledgeable group of Master Gardeners serve as Yard Advisors and visit your location and conduct an educational evaluation as to whether the property meets the minimum standards. Achievement of Florida-Friendly™ Yard Recognition is a great source of pride for residents, management, and owners. Successful recognition results in a sign posted on the property and entry into a statewide database. Recognition also earns points towards the Florida Green Building Coalition Green Home Certification.


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