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Environmental Horticulture


Nursery Production, Management and Marketing


2016 Worker Protection Standard Changes

2014 Operation Cleansweep Pesticide Disposal Program

2014 Integrated Pest Management Update Workshop (Nursery Weeds) – September 5, 2014

Globally Harmonized Pesticide Labeling
Weed ID & Emerging Weeds
Weed Control BMPs for Florida Nurseries
Nursery Herbicide Trials
BASF Sultan Miticide
DOW Xxpire Insecticide
SureGuard Herbicide

Reclaimed Wastewater Use in Nurseries

Presentation (about 12 minutes)
Quick Follow-Up Survey (please complete after watching presentation - the information collected is very important)

Economic Outlook of Florida Nursery and Landscape Industries - November 15, 2012

Webinar (about ¾ of way through presentation)
Supporting PowerPoint Slides

University of Florida IFAS CEU Day Power Point Presentations – August 21, 2012

Vegetation Management in Forests and Transmission Lines
Integrating Biological Controls and Herbicides
Identification and Integrated Management of Pasture Weeds and Forage Tolerance
Managing Herbicide Applications Against Development of Resistance
Seed Bank Dynamics and Long Term Integrated Weed Management
Herbicide Injury to Vegetables from Off-Target Sprays
Integrated Management of Cogongrass
New and/or Difficult to Control Upland, Wetland, and Aquatic Invasive Plants

Beneficial Insects - Treasure Coast Rare Fruit Club Talk, August 16, 2012

Disease Control Strategies in Ornamentals Workshop Power Points - June 27, 2012

Disease Management in Ornamental Nurseries – Aaron Palmateer, PhD
Pageant Fungicide & Disease Management – Ann Chase, PhD
Pageant & Intrinsic Trials: Cold, Drought & Cutting Rooting Additional Benefits – Paul Pilon
Pageant Overview – Steve Larson
Orvego Update – Frank Fornari

Crop Insurance Workshop Power Points and Handouts - March 22, 2011

Nursery Crop Insurance Basics - Handout
Real Life Examples - Power Point
Special Nursery Crop Insurance Provisions - Power Point
Storage Key G1 - Handout



Master Gardener Hotline
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