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Volunteers Needed:

      • HELP WANTED: Master Gardener Volunteer needed who wants to work with adults who are recovering addicts at a non-profit animal sanctuary, to plant herbs, veggies and flowers, make all kinds of gardens on this 20 acre farm the Master Gardener Volunteer would supervise and others would do the actual digging and hands on. The non-profit would design and coordinate the plantings and pay for all the supplies, the Master Gardener would pick them up for and bring them there. The non-profit would pay for the volunteers gas.  Tuesday 9-11:00am every week,  starts asap.  Call Nancy Fried-Tobin at 561-792-2666  CHILDRENS ZOO  ANIMAL SANCTUARY  
      • HELP WANTED: Master Gardener to volunteer to help a non-profit social services agency, The Center for Family Services, start a vegetable garden to provide sustenance for the families who are staying at our homeless shelter. We especially want to involve the resident children in the garden, by giving them the opportunity to plant seeds and help care for the garden as the plants grow. We already have 4 raised beds that are ready to go. We also have an irrigation system and tools, and there is a donor who is providing transplants and a soil enrichment supplement. The garden is on the grounds of Pat Reeves Village, a program of The Center, that provides shelter, food, counseling and specialized programs to help these families get back on their feet. Both The Center and Pat Reeves Village are located in West Palm Beach. What we are seeking is a Master Gardener who can give us counsel, who can interact with the children and maybe teach a class or two. Again, we are located in West Palm Beach. I am here Monday through Thursday, from 9:00am to 2:00pm. My name is Jessie Tirsch and my number here is 561-616-1222 x269. You can also reach me on my cell phone at 561-523-1886. My email is or . I look forward to hearing from you.
      • HELP WANTED: Looking for: a part time (3 days a week, paid) person who loves to garden and teach gardening skills to others, loves 'community,' fresh and local vegetables for all! This is a job posting for a mobile market manager in a local "food desert" and a large plot of land surrounded by residents, to be turned into a community garden. Message me if you are interested. Help a neighborhood in West Palm Beach that needs a source of local, fresh plus nutritional support weekly! Contact: Peter Robinson, Lake Worth Farmers Market,   Waterside A1A & Lake Avenue,  N.W. corner  Old Bridge Park Saturday Mornings. Call 561-283-5856 cell 561-547-3100 office