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Criminal Justice Commission (CJC)

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2016 Officers

Lee Waring
Lee Waring

Gerald Richman
Gerald Richman

Barry Krischer
Barry Krischer
Rosalyn Baker
Rosalyn Baker

Welcome to the
Criminal Justice Commission's Web Site

I am proud to welcome you to the Criminal Justice Commission's (CJC) web site. This site will inform you about the CJC, its committees, initiatives, and provide the latest information about the work of the CJC. The Board of County Commissioners authorized the CJC with a broad scope of authority to study and coordinate all aspects of the local, state, and federal criminal justice system in the County. The CJCs combination of 21 public sector and 11 private sector members make it unique in the world of criminal justice. The public and private partnership helps the CJC develop innovative recommendations to the ever-changing criminal justice landscape. The CJC has an accomplished track record and is now respected as the forum for review of any policy, procedure, program, grant, legislation, or issue that impacts the criminal justice system in Palm Beach County. The CJC accomplishments come from building consensus and involving all agencies and stakeholders affected, by developing solutions for important issues. The CJC operates through a committee system, as its members understand that in order to be successful, community stakeholders are an integral part of any solution. The ownership resulting from their participation is an invaluable asset that brings with it pride and satisfaction. The CJC now involves over 200 subject matter experts and community members in reviewing, evaluating, and recommending improvements to all aspects of the County’s criminal justice system.

The decades of successful collaboration have provided the CJC members an appreciation and understanding of all system agencies’ perspectives, preventing the silo mentality that plagues many jurisdictions. This alone is an invaluable benefit of the CJC because when pressing issues arise, the members know how to come together and work toward a solution quickly and effectively.

I hope this site is useful to you and that it provides you an appreciation of the valuable work the CJC members do to make our community a great place to live and work.

Lee Waring Chairman