Reentry Task Force and Subcommittee Membership


Carey Haughwout

The Re-entry Task Force began meeting in February 2008.  Initially the committee was temporary in nature, charged to examine remaining unresolved issues or action items from former Governor Bush’s Statewide Initiative. As assessment and several implementation actions were completed.  The Criminal Justice Commission formally adopted the Re-Entry Task Force as an ongoing committee in November 2008.  Palm Beach County Public Defender Carey Haughwout and former Congressman Harry Johnston co-chaired this initial effort.

The task Force is comprised of elected officials, and other stakeholders involved in reentry throughout Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission
Reentry Task Force and Subcommittee Membership*
(Revised October 9, 2012)

I. Reentry  Task Force
    1. Office of the Public Defender – Carey Haughwout** Chair
    2. Veteran’s Administration – Marla Brundies
    3. Workforce Alliance – Steve Craig, CEO : Proxy, Michelle Dryer
    4. Palm Beach State College – Dr. Dennis Gallon, President
    5. Literacy Coalition – Darlene Kostrob, CEO
    6. Health Dept – TBD
    7. Florida Department of Corrections - Rosalyn Baker, Community Corrections Circuit IV Administrator
    8.  Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office - Chief Deputy Michael Gauger
    9. Florida Department of Juvenile Justice – Feirmon Johnson
    10. Office of the State Attorney – TBD
    11. Palm Beach Department of Public Safety – Nicole Bishop
    12. Matthew 25 Ministries – Maggie Witherow
    13. Gulfstream Goodwill – Michele Carter
    14. Riviera Beach Community Justice Service Center-  Jeanette Gordon
    15. Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners – Hon. Priscilla Taylor
    16. Prison Fellowship – Raeanne Hance, Executive Director
    17. Salvation Army (FBOP Reentry Center) – Greg Rydman, Business Manager
    18. JAY Ministry – Br. Bob Felder
    19. The Lord’s Place – Diana Stanley
    20. Court Administration  - Michelle Spangenberg
    21. Florida Department of Corrections- Ann Casey
    22. Criminal Justice Commission- Barbara Chieves
    23. Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office- Captain Alfonso Starling
    24. Florida Department of Corrections- Charles Lawrence
    25. Sago Palm Reentry Center Staff- Cynthia Martin
    26. Brother Robert Graham- True Fast Ministries
    27. Sago Palm Reentry Center- Jimmy Reese
    28. Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office- Tamara Starks
    29. Kathleen Kroll, Juvenile Judge
    30. CARP- Kathleen Herd

II. Employment, Training & Education Subcommittee

    1. Michelle Dryer, Workforce Alliance ** Chair
    2. Jeff McGinley, President, Florida Training Services, Inc.
    3. Tamara Starks, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
    4. Raeanne Hance, Prison Fellowship
    5. Eve Lyon, The Lord’s Place
    6. Lisa Bozzone, Court Administration
    7. Jeanette Gordon, City of Riviera Beach
    8. Beth Ann Hanney, Gulfstream Goodwill
    9. Jessica Wally, Gulfstream Goodwill
    10. Jeff Sturgeon, The Lord’s Place

III. Sustainability Subcommittee

    1. Diana Stanley, The Lord’s Place ** Chair
    2. Tamara Starks, PBSO, **Vice-Chair 
    3. Jeanette Gordon, Riviera Beach Community Justice Service Center
    4. Dan Destefano, Gulfstream Goodwill
    5. Raeanne Hance, Prison Fellowship
    6. Kathleen Herd, CARP
    7. Jeremy Morse, The Lord’s Place
    8. Yvette Salinas, FDOC
    9. Ann Casey, FDOC
    10. Jennifer Loyless, Public Defender’s Office
    11. Robert Graham, True Fast Ministries
    12. Amy Dean, Palm Healthcare Foundation
    13. Jimmie Reese, Sago Palm Reentry Center
    14. Michele Carter, Gulfstream Goodwill

IV. Data and Evaluation Subcommittee

    1. Jennifer Loyless, Office of the Public Defender ** Chair
    2. Tamara Starks, PBSO
    3. Daniel Gibson, The Lord’s Place
    4. Michele Carter, Gulfstream Goodwill
    5. Jessica Wally, Gulfstream Goodwill
    6. Michelle Spangenberg, Court Administration
    7. Pamela Gionfriddo, CEO, Mental Health Association
    8. Bettie Barret, Florida Department of Corrections

V. Sex Offender Subcommittee

1.   Bernard Featherman, Mayor, City of Highland Beach, ** Chair
2.   Charrisse Van Biesen, The Lord’s Place
3.   Lois Salton, Department of Juvenile Justice
4.   Dan Destefano, Gulfstream Goodwill
5.   Rosalyn Baker, Community Corrections
6.   Cherry Grant, Public Defender’s Office
7.   Chief John Stewart, Jupiter Inlet Colony
8.   Chris Slydell, The Lord’s Place
9.   Dr. Lori Butt’s, Sex Offender Treatment
10.  Jennifer Loyless, Public Defender’s Office
11. Jim Eggenberger, Jerome Golden Center
12. Det. Larry Wood, PBSO
13. Michelle Spangenbeg, Court Administration
14. Raeanne Hance, Prison Fellowship
15. Robert Graham, True Fast Ministries
16. Sgt. Mark Jolly, PBSO
17. Warden Charles Lawrence, Martin County Correctional Institution

VI.  Juvenile Offender Subcommittee

1.   Judge Kroll, ** Chair
2.   Lois Salton, Department of Juvenile Justice
3.   Fiermon Johnson, Department of Juvenile Justice
4.   Kevin Housel, Department of Juvenile Justice
5.   Bianca Prevauls, Family member
6.   Officer Kellman, Municipal Law Enforcement
7.   Jay Bonner, Fiath-Based Advocate
8.   Tana Ebbole, Children’s Services Council
9.   Nora Collins-Manderville- Advocate
10. Father Leo Fisher, Faith Based Advocate
11. Crystal Leonard, PBC School District
14. Barbara White, Public Defender’s Office
15. Dennis Miles, Department of Children and Families
16. Claudia Laos, Eckerd
17. Shayna Gilmore, Parent Child Center
18. Twila Taylor, PBC Youth Affairs
19. Tanya Tibby, PBC Youth Affairs
20. Articia Futch, PBSO
21. Barbara Gerlock, Juvenile Justice Board
22. Cristy Altero, Courts
23. Lynn Powell, State Attorney’s Office
24. Michele Carter, Gulfstream Goodwill
25. Diane Walker, Municipal Representative
26. Angela Bess, PBC School District
27. Rosalyn Baker, DOC
28. Marcia Bahia, PBSO
29. Pat Sheffield, JDAI