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Chronology - Highlights
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Harry A. Johnston II, Chairman
Criminal Justice Service Centers (formerly Community Courts) assisted 6,138 walk-in residents with various social services between January 2007 and December 2007 from both service centers; coordinated 188 community projects, involving 3,410 community service hours aimed at restoring the two communities; whereby, 3,410 community service hours translated into $32,305 worth of contributions to the community
Youth Violence Prevention Project supported the implementation of youth empowerment centers in Delray Beach, Riviera Beach, and West Palm Beach
Weed and Seed Steering Committee supported the opening of the fifth weed and seed site in Gramercy Village
Law Enforcement Planning Council addressed a vast number of legislative issues such as: confidentiality of law enforcement personal information, sale of  imitation guns, prohibition of gun shows, and controlled substance prescription tracking
Updated the Law Enforcement Planning Council pursuit policy recommendations to conform to the national accreditation and professional organizations; and, collaborated with the State Attorney and others to update the child abuse protocol and received a positive review by the grand jury.
Court System Task Force completed a mental health case study of an individual’s experience with the criminal justice system and continues to study the impact that driving under license suspension offenses have on the court
Corrections Task Force reviewed House Bill 1477 on Mental Illness and Substance Abuse.  The CTF/PSCC recommended that a new council be formed in the county for this specific special interest topic which was approved by the Criminal Justice Commission and forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners.  The BCC formally created the Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Planning Council by resolution on September 25, 2007

Max Davis, Chairman
Criminal Justice Commission endorsed a unified plan to tackle the growing problem of youth violence, which was developed from extensive consultations with stakeholders and the Florida State University study
Identified five target areas with different cities to house "youth empowerment centers" and "justice service centers" as part of the Youth Violence Prevention Project
Youth Violence Prevention Project received the support of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners
This support came with funding commitments from the County
Started talks with various targeted areas on memoranda of understanding to implement the Youth Violence Prevention Project
Community Justice Service Center celebrated its seventh year of operation on Tamarind Ave and a second Service Center was opened on Cherry Road in the Westgate community
Weed and Seed Steering Committee supported an unprecedented four sites, while developing a plan for a new site
Criminal Justice Commission sponsored the 18th class of the Citizen's Criminal Justice Academy
Law Enforcement Planning Council assisted the State Attorney's Office in producing a training video regarding the Child Abuse Protocol
Criminal Justice Commission endorsed the recommendations and concept paper and proposed budget concerning alternatives to incarceration by the Corrections Task Force/Public Safety Coordinating Council

Leo E. Noble, Chairman
Criminal Justice Commission responded to the growing level of violence among young people the County
Youth Violence Prevention committee commissioned the Florida State University to review the trends in youth violence and to unearth programs used in other parts of the country to address similar trends
Youth Violence Committee consulted extensively with various stakeholders from local governments and law enforcement agencies
Funding Allocation Committee distributed more than $900,000 from the Justice Assistance Grant to fund programs such as Combat, Ex-Offender Re-entry, and staff positions
Law Enforcement Planning Committee developed a Chief's Resource Manual for new Police Chiefs in the County; and, sponsored a two-day Law Enforcement Leadership Summit for fifty law enforcement executives from agencies statewide
Citizen's Criminal Justice Academy held two successful classes
Community Justice Service Center celebrated six years of operation on Tamarind
Visual Planning Technologies Program (VPT) started coordinating six agency pilot sites designed to demonstrate the feasibility of data sharing
Corrections Task Force/Public Safety Coordinating Council created a pilot project to provide continuity of medical care for offenders who are released to substance abuse facilities

Wendy Sartory Link, Chairperson
Allocated funds from the Bryne Grant and the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant to support various local programs and initiatives
West Palm Beach Community Justice Service Center processed 2,151 cases and supervised the completion of 22,384 hours of community service since the year 2000
Sponsored Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for a total of 111 police officers and 15 law enforcement agencies
Court System Task Force studied the impact of increased law enforcement officers on the court system
Offered 60 citizens an opportunity to learn more about the criminal justice system, by offering yet another session of the Citizen's Criminal Justice Academy
Developed a countywide anti-terrorism standard operating procedure for all law enforcement agencies in the county
Managed a successful ex-offender re-entry program
Funding Allocation Committee secured a $1 million annual funding commitment from the Board of County Commissioners
Promoted gun safety by distributing gun locks and gun safety videos
Board of County Commissioners approved the allocation of $499,000 for the development and deployment of a system to integrate court and law enforcement information systems to support information sharing and crime mapping
Developed an evaluation reporting system to track the success of each Weed and Seed site in the County

Jorge Dominicis, Chairman
County Jail Inmate Population Update
Conducted Crisis intervention Team Workgroup training for over 130 law enforcement officers
Initialized a pilot criminal mediation project
Completed Domestic Security resource inventory; conducted a training needs assessment, the results of which underscored the need to train the law enforcement community in the use of a standardized incident command system
In conjunction with the Corrections Task Force, participated in a statewide effort to address the potential funding impact on county correctional facilities in regard to Senate Bill 1020 titled "Pre-Trial Release"
Secured a commitment of $1 million and an anticipated $2.75 million by July 2004 from the BCC to fund CJC programs and initiatives in FY04.

George T. Elmore, Chairman
Anti-Terrorism Grant Application Planning Committee
Taping of Criminal Justice Panel Discussions
Endorsed "Amber Alert" Missing Child Notification System in Palm Beach County
Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding with child abuse protocols for DCF and law enforcement officers
Established Visual Planning Technologies Project
Distributed Gunlocks and Gun Safety Videos
Creation of Mentally Ill Offenders workgroup
Operational Re-Entry Program

Richard G. Lubin, Chairman
County Jail Inmate Population Projection
Ex-Offender Reentry Program
Youth Court Program at Community Court
Drug Court Implementation Grant from U.S. Department of Justice ($500,000)
Mentally Ill Offender Workgroup
Received $30,000 grant for CIT Program
Creation of Crisis Intervention Team Program
Locks to Cops Event
Gun Safety Video Production
Assistance on Public Safety Radio Communications Project
Community Court's Citizens' Dispute/Mediation Program
Implementation of Community Justice Initiative

Richard G. Lubin, Chairman
Third Weed and Seed Site-Delray Beach
November 6 – Drug Court Opens
Municipal Public Safety Communications Consortium
Gun Safety Task Force
Permanent Funding Solutions Committee
TV20 Panel Discussions
Juvenile Assessment Center Funding Formula
Long Range Planning Committee
Drug Court Planning Committee
Drug Abuse Trust Fund/Medicaid Committee
Jail Counselor Position Created
Contract with L. Robert Kimball Associates for Technical
Assistance on Public Safety Radio Communications Project
CARGO Program
Crime Mapping Technology Center Training Partnership
CJC Five-Year Strategic Plan

Roy H. Davidson, Chairman
Business Operations Evaluation of the CJC
August 18 – Community Court Opens Contract with CASES for Community Justice Project
Feasibility Study
Received Drug Court Planning Grant ($40,000)
Collections Court FTA Impact on Jail
Renewed Three Year Contract for County Court
Probation Services
Burglar Alarm Workgroup
Police/Probation Partnerships
Countywide Crime Mapping

Randolph K. Johnson, Sr., Chairman
Midtown Community Court Site Visit
Community Justice Task Force
Law Enforcement Educational Standards
Hosted Workshop on County Jails
Sheriff's Office Electronic Monitoring Program Expansion
($40,000 in grant funds)
Citizens Criminal Justice Academy First Class
Pawnshop Workgroup
Public Relations Task Force
CJC Speaker's Bureau
Countywide Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement Updated
Intergovernmental Public Safety Radio
Communications Manager hired

Max Davis, Chairman
Probationers' Education Growth (PEG) Program
($60,000 from various agencies)
Gang Tattoo Removal Program
Transfer of Weed and Seed Program to Sheriff's Office
Forecast and Evaluation Task Force
Hosted a Forum on Florida's Changing Sentencing Laws and
their Local Impact
Sheriff's Drug Farm Review
FDLE Uniform Crime Reporting Changes Impact
Crime Prevention Through Education Partnerships Task Force
$50,000 from Sheriff Office for Friends of Weed and Seed, Inc.
Summer Youth Jobs Program ($46,250 from BCC)
Federal COPS Problem-Solving Partnership Grant for Lake Park
Police Department ($87,948)
Neighborhood Seeding Initiatives Task Force

Donald Middlebrooks, Chairman
Received AmeriCorps Program Grant ($358,631)
Second Weed and Seed Site-West Palm Beach
($675,000 federal grant over 3 years)
Gang Tattoo Removal Program
Friends of Weed and Seed, Inc. ($50,000 in donations received)
Alternative Courts Workgroup
County Byrne Grant Funds Administration
Summer Youth Jobs Program ($73,130 from BCC)
Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Funds Administration
Conducted Auto Theft Prevention and Awareness Campaign
Corrections Task Force Workshop with National Institute of
Corrections Consultant, Mr. Alan Henry
Advisory Board on Local Law Enforcement Block Grant
County Court Probation Audit Instituted
Public Safety Committee of Health and Human Services
Planning Association
Received Community Development Block Grant Funds for Riviera
Beach Weed and Seed Site ($70,000)

Sidney A. Stubbs, Chairman
Countywide Community Policing Philosophy
Summer Youth Jobs Program ($86,700 from BCC)
Hosted Local Workshop by National Center for State Courts
on a Paperless Court System
Graffiti Eradication Program
Crime Prevention Directory: A Citizen's Guide
Countywide Uniform Training Curriculum for Law Enforcement
on Domestic Violence
Site Selected for Juvenile Assessment Center
First Issuance of Local RFP for Byrne Grant Funds
Received $100,000 Grant for Riviera Beach Weed and Seed
Safe Haven
Received $100,000 Grant for Countywide Auto Theft
Prevention and Awareness Campaign / Special Prosecutor
Supervised Release Program Creation Review
County Ordinance Penalty Review
Hosted a Countywide Juvenile Justice Summit
Received Community Development Block Grant Funds for Riviera
Beach Weed and Seed Site ($30,000)

Malcom F. Cunningham, Jr., Chairman
Civil Drug Court/Substance Abuse
Awareness Program ($800,000 from BCC)
Probation Advisory Board
Summer Youth Jobs Program
Domestic Violence Case Processing Review
Diversity in Law Enforcement Agency Study
Juvenile First Offender Prearrest Diversion Program
Hate Crime Investigation Position Paper
One-by-One School Mentoring Program
Countywide Public Safety Communications Committee
Juvenile Justice Council Independence
Gang Resistance Education And Training (GREAT) Program
Training for Law Enforcement Officers
Youth Jobs Committee
Weed and Seed Steering Committee

Malcom F. Cunningham, Jr., Chairman
First Weed and Seed Site-Riviera Beach
($2.25 million federal grant over 3 years)
Juvenile Justice Board
Juvenile Justice Plan
County Court Probation Services
Countywide Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement
Hosted a Countywide Juvenile Justice Forum
Human Diversity in Criminal Justice Agencies Staffing Committee
Cost Containment Committee
Juvenile Justice Facility Siting Committee
Co-host, 8th National Conference on Preventing Crime in
the Black Community

M.A. "Al" Coogler Jr., Chairman
Traffic Warrants Workgroup
Multi Agency Violent Crimes Unit
Law Enforcement Planning Council
Law Enforcement Communications Committee
Juvenile Delinquency and Gang Prevention Council
Co-sponsored Juvenile Justice Workshop with Florida
Commission on Juvenile Justice of the Florida Legislature
Countywide Policies for Law Enforcement on
Use of Force and Pursuit
Drug Abuse Trust Fund Review Committee
Co-sponsored County Demographic Workshop with Health and
Human Services Planning Association and
Children's Services Council with Dr. Hodgkinson
CJIS Policy Board and Management -Committee Under ISS

M.A. "Al" Coogler Jr., Chairman
Pretrial Services Agency
Career Criminal Court
Drug Court
Differentiated Case Management
Five Year Comprehensive County Correctional Plan
($150,000 state grant)
Defense Conflict Case Committee
Blockbuster Bowl Athlete Seminar

Jon C. Moyle, Chairman
Substance Abuse Advisory Board
Crime Prevention Task Force
Law Enforcement Task Force
Corrections Task Force
Court System Task Force
Juvenile Justice/Education Task Force
Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force
Human Services Task Force
Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)

Jon C. Moyle, Chairman
Comprehensive Analysis of the County's Criminal Justice System
($218,000 study)
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (computerization)
Crack Cocaine Committee
Juvenile Justice Committee
Assault Weapons Committee
Auto Theft Committee

1988 December
First CJC meeting

Last Updated : 02/23/2007
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