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Planning for a Disaster - Overview

The next time a disaster strikes, you may have very limited time, if any, to prepare. The appropriate action to take is to begin your planning now for all types of disasters. The following is a checklist:


  • Find out what disasters may threaten you here in Palm Beach County, go to the Surge Area Mapping System (SAMS).
  • Find out how to prepare for each type of threat.
  • Discuss what to do in the event you are required to evacuate and learn evacuation routes from your home.
  • Inquire if assistance for the elderly is available for you particular needs by visiting the Special Needs Program page.
  • Inquire at your workplace if emergency plans are in place.
  • Learn about emergency plans for your children's school or day care facility.
  • Decide on an out of state friend or relative to be a contact point for communications.
  • Involve everyone in the family in the planning process.
  • Discuss what you will do with your pets if you are required to evacuate.