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The Administration Section is responsible for the Division of Emergency Management’s budgeting, as well as training, quality assurance, and technology programs.  Budgeting in Emergency Management’s Administration Section consists of managing the divisions’ funds, acquiring and distributing grants as well as tracking costs during a disaster or event. 

Our training program collects training information and training opportunities from various domestic and national sources and distributes this information to division employees as well as partner organizations in the emergency management community.   Administration also develops its training programs and training recommendations to outside agencies; to coincide with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) standards.

In Emergency Managements’ constant attempt for excellence a combination of Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies both quantitative and qualitative in nature have been developed in which the division is analyzing its efficiencies and improving upon them as well as addressing areas of concern.  

The goal of the Administration section's technology program is to make efficient use of the technologies the Division of Emergency Management currently employs to make the overall Division a collaborative smarter working team.