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Engineering Action Center - (561) 684-4018, (561) 684-4012
Designed to assist the public by providing timely responses to Engineering-related problems, suggestions, and complaints, and to quickly disseminate general information regarding Engineering matters (to include roads, bridges, traffic problems, traffic calming, traffic signals, street lighting, pathways, mowing, canal maintenance, etc.).
Construction Coordination - (561) 684-4180
Administers and coordinates the construction of all County projects for thoroughfare roads, bridges, minor street improvements, and Housing and Community Development projects. Ensures that County, State, and required standards and specifications are applied and adhered to, and presents final project acceptance to the Board of County Commissioners, upon completion of the projects. Monitors construction within County-permitted subdivisions, and within County rights-of-way for compliance with plans, specifications, and permit requirements.
Land Development - (561) 684-4090
Reviews construction plans and plats of residential and commercial subdivisions proposed for unincorporated areas of the County for conformance to code. The Division reviews and approves work performed in County rights-of way, administers the abandonment process for roads and easements, performs drainage reviews for residential and non-residential projects, and issues base building line waivers.
Road and Bridge - (561) 233-3950
Is responsible for maintaining all County-owned roads and bridges. Maintained areas include drainage ditches, sidewalks, pathways, & guardrails. Tasks involve, but are not limited to, developing and managing a road resurfacing program, patching potholes, operating county-owned bascule bridges, mowing right of ways, maintaining storm drain systems and the related drainage ditches, and operating the north and south inlet sand transfer pumping stations.
Roadway Production - (561) 684-4150
Administers, coordinates, schedules, and monitors the design, right-of-way acquisition, preparation of contract documents, bidding, and construction of the County's Five-Year Road Program, as it relates to thoroughfare roads.
Streetscape Section - (561) 684-4100
Provides aesthetically-pleasing median beautification, in the form of trees, on the County's major unincorporated area thoroughfares in a way that complies with accepted safety standards. The goal is to install and maintain such median enhancements to ensure the health of the landscaping and provide a favorable experience for those motorists and others who see these enhancements.
Traffic Division - (561) 684-4030
Provides for the safe and efficient movement of traffic on roads under the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County through professional traffic engineering through designing and installing signalization, pavement markings, and signing. The section also provides input to major road construction projects, land development, site planning and transportation planning.