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Acreage Pines Natural Area


Region: Central Palm Beach County

Size: 123 acres

Hours: Daily from sunrise to sunset

6405 140th Avenue North, Loxahatchee, FL 33470 (not a mailing address). The natural area lies directly south of Acreage Pines Elementary School, adjacent to Acreage Community Park. Parking is available on the west side of 140th Avenue, approximately 1/3 mile south of Orange Boulevard, at Acreage Community Park.

Public Use Facilities:
Public use facilities include a kiosk with educational exhibits, a bicycle rack, an accessible nature trail and boardwalk with a wildlife observation platform, two natural-surface hiking trails, and an equestrian pass-through trail across the site. Hiking, photography, wildlife viewing, and other passive recreation activities are allowed on the site. Restrooms and drinking water are available at Acreage Community Park.

Site Information:
The natural area is a remnant of the pine flatwoods/wet prairie mosaic that once covered most of central Palm Beach County. It contains five native Florida ecosystems: depression marsh, hydric hammock, mesic flatwoods, wet flatwoods, and wet prairie. Mesic flatwoods and wet prairie are the dominant plant communities. The site was purchased by Palm Beach County in 2001. State Florida Forever matching funds for the acquisition were provided by the Florida Communities Trust. The natural area is managed by Palm Beach County with the assistance of the Indian Trail Improvement District. It lies within the Northeast Everglades Natural Area.

Plant species observed on the site include saw palmetto, coastalplain staggerbush, wiregrass, chestnutleaf false croton, fireflag, St. John's-wort, yelloweyed grass, swamp flatsedge, flattened pipewort, and pond apple.

Animal species observed on the site include pin-tailed pondhawk, squirrel treefrog, Florida softshell, snowy egret, hooded merganser, limpkin, great horned owl, red-shouldered hawk, pileated woodpecker, and raccoon.


All Palm Beach County natural areas are publicly-owned and are open for passive, natural resource-based recreational public uses such as hiking, bird watching, nature study and photography. Other recreational uses, as authorized under the Natural Areas Ordinance (Chapter 11, Article XI of the Palm Beach County Code), may be permitted in designated areas on a site-specific basis. Certain natural areas may be temporarily closed for environmental restoration activities and/or other public safety issues. Users should confirm that the natural area they plan to visit has existing public use facilities which match the users proposed activity; not all natural areas are readily accessible or have existing public use facilities such as a parking area, accessible trails, natural-surfaced walking paths, trail markers, and/or information kiosks.


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