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East Conservation Area

Cypress strand and lake

At this time, public access is not allowed due to hazards such as deep lakes, unsafe shoulders, and operation of heavy equipment during site restoration activities.

Region: Central Palm Beach County

Size: 196 acres

Hours: Daily from sunrise to sunset

The East Conservation Area is located in the northwestern portion of an area known as the Agricultural Reserve, approximately one mile west of State Road 7 and one mile south of Hypoluxo Road.

Public Use Facilities:
This site does not have a parking area or designated trails. The site currently is not open to the public due to safety concerns, including deep lakes, unsafe shoulders along narrow unpaved access roads, and the use of heavy equipment during site restoration activities.

Site Information:
The East Conservation Area is comprised of six separate tracts that formerly were mined or used for agricultural purposes such as tree nurseries. A small portion of the site currently is leased for agricultural use. Cypress stands that were not cleared as part of the former agricultural activities are scattered throughout the site. A deep 41-acre freshwater lake is present in the formerly mined portion of the site. The site is bordered on the west by the 3,335-acre Strazzulla Wetlands, which are owned and managed by the South Florida Water Management District. The natural area is managed by Palm Beach County.

Plant species observed on the site include goldenrod fern, swamp rosemallow, bandana-of-the-Everglades, bushy bluestem, skyflower, pickerelweed, grassy arrowhead, cabbage palm, pond cypress, and red maple.

Animal species observed on the site include silver garden spider, Halloween pennant, squirrel treefrog, chicken turtle, bald eagle, great horned owl, chuck-will's-widow, eastern wood-pewee, pileated woodpecker, and bobcat.


All Palm Beach County natural areas are publicly-owned and are open for passive, natural resource-based recreational public uses such as hiking, bird watching, nature study and photography. Other recreational uses, as authorized under the Natural Areas Ordinance (Chapter 11, Article XI of the Palm Beach County Code), may be permitted in designated areas on a site-specific basis. Certain natural areas may be temporarily closed for environmental restoration activities and/or other public safety issues. Users should confirm that the natural area they plan to visit has existing public use facilities which match the users proposed activity; not all natural areas are readily accessible or have existing public use facilities such as a parking area, accessible trails, natural-surfaced walking paths, trail markers, and/or information kiosks.


East Conservation Area Map