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Snook Islands Natural Area

Mangrove islands north of Lake Worth Bridge

Region: Central Palm Beach County

Size: 118 acres

Hours: Daily from sunrise to sunset

100 North Golfview Road, Lake Worth FL along the Lake Worth Lagoon shoreline and adjacent small islands on the east side of the Lake Worth Municipal Golf Course, just north of the Lake Worth Bridge (State Road 802).

Public Use Facilities:
Facilities include a parking area on the north side of Lucerne Avenue with spaces for 3 cars or boat trailers, a floating dock with slips for 8 boats up to 30 feet long and a water taxi, an accessible fishing pier, a floating canoe/kayak launch dock, an accessible boardwalk with a covered observation platform, two bicycle racks, and two kiosks with educational exhibits. Restroom facilities and drinking water are available in Bryant Park, which is located just south of the natural area.

Site Information:
The natural area was created as part of an environmental restoration project that was completed in 2005. The site consists of a restored natural shoreline along 1.2 miles of the western shoreline of the lagoon, 11 acres of mangroves, 2.2 acres of oyster reefs, 3.8 acres of cordgrass, and 50 acres of shallow seagrass habitat. More than 350 volunteers planted 28,000 mangroves along the shoreline and on four small created islands. Additional work in 2011 will include demolition of the old Lake Worth Bridge and use of the concrete rubble to construct a 1/2-acre artificial reef.

Species planted on the site include cordgrass and red mangrove. Black and white mangroves are beginning to grow on the site through natural recruitment.

Animal species observed on the site include common snook, red drum, green sea turtle, black-crowned night-heron, American oystercatcher, royal tern, double-crested cormorant, osprey, West Indian manatee, and crabs such as the Atlantic sand fiddler and Atlantic marsh fiddler.


All Palm Beach County natural areas are publicly-owned and are open for passive, natural resource-based recreational public uses such as hiking, bird watching, nature study and photography. Other recreational uses, as authorized under the Natural Areas Ordinance (Chapter 11, Article XI of the Palm Beach County Code), may be permitted in designated areas on a site-specific basis. Certain natural areas may be temporarily closed for environmental restoration activities and/or other public safety issues. Users should confirm that the natural area they plan to visit has existing public use facilities which match the users proposed activity; not all natural areas are readily accessible or have existing public use facilities such as a parking area, accessible trails, natural-surfaced walking paths, trail markers, and/or information kiosks.


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