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About Us



Oversees the divisions responsibilities for the design, construction, management, and operation of County facilities and its fleet under the jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners.


  • Our customers include the Board of County Commissioners, other County departments, Constitutional Officers, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, and the 15th Judicial Circuit Court System.
  • Our service area encompasses 2,054 square miles, an area larger than the State of Rhode Island.  In that area, we maintain and manage all County owned facilities and properties.  Facilities include all governmental complexes, courthouses, libraries, jails, parks, health clinics, emergency operations center, etc.
  • The County owns 40,000 acres of real property.
  • The County operates and maintains 592 structures ranging in square footage from 36 square feet to 1,000,000 square feet.
  • You can call County services over one of 6,369 telephones.
  • The County protects its facilities' assets via 14,503 smoke, heat, fire detection/alarm devices and 5,193 security devices.
  • The County performs 4,500 vehicle preventative maintenance services and pumps 4 million gallons of gas annually.  The ratio of mechanic to equipment is 1:90.  The County's fleet is up and running 96% of the time.


  • Prepare specifications and design plans for capital projects;
  • Administer capital project construction activity;
  • Administer bids and other procurement related activities;
  • Rehabilitate and renovate County facilities;
  • Perform space planning studies;
  • Act as County's agent for all zoning, land use, and project development specifications;
  • Conduct technical and user needs assessments and develop project specifications;
  • Manage custodial services in designated buildings;
  • Provide security services;
  • Manage parking facilities;
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on County facilities, equipment, and vehicles;
  • Write specifications, acquire, assign, fund, and dispose of equipment/vehicles;
  • Manage County fueling sites; Acquire property and dispose of surplus properties;
  • Administer leases for County leased facilities;
  • Coordinate civic site acquisitions and use; and 
  • Respond to public inquires regarding County property. 


Facilities Development & Operations
2633 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL  33411

Map of FDO

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