22nd Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival
Student Showcase of Films "Audience Award" Competition

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Online voting for the Student Showcase Audience Award
is now open and continues through midnight on March 9, 2017.

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We look forward to presenting the Audience Award to the film that receives the most votes along with the other awards to the winners at the
22nd Annual Student Showcase of Films on March 10th at Lynn University's
Keith C. & Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center in Boca Raton, FL
Please join us on the red carpet at 9:30 am.

NOTE: Voting is currently CLOSED.







 Cycle (10:02)
  A teen aging out of the foster care system, scrambling to determine his future, is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of his biological father.
  Caleb Wild - Ambassador Academy

 How To Play the Piano (2:56)
  An insane tutorial on how to play a Piano by world renown artist Insert Name's cousin, First Name, Last Name.
  Evan Scolnick - Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High

 Man Card (18:25)
  A teenager gets his man card taken away and is forced to do ridiculous tasks to get it back.
  Jesse Veliz - Calvary Christian Academy

 Safe Place (6:23)
  A child shares his safe place with his closest friend as he battles through emotional and physical turmoil.
  Maddie Glas and Briana Flouro - Howard W. Blake High School

 Salutatorian (8:00)
  Because second place is just the first loser.
  Lyndsie Zimmerman - Dixie Hollins High School

 Sudden Silence (5:00)
  A close group of friends meet for one last time before misfortune struck and they are left with one less face.
  Ruhi Mansey - American Heritage School

 The Lens (7:22)
  An unlucky man discovers the world around him through the glass of a magic camera lens.
  Tyler Nitti - Key West High School

 What No One Sees (5:11)
  A journey through the sights and sounds in the life of an abused victim. A story where the scene has happened but the sound is delayed.
  MLE DeJaco - A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

 Without Warning (4:41)
  A young man deals with the loss of a friend.
  Connor Devore - Harrison School of the Arts

 Words Unspoken (8:37)
  A short film about a mom and the unfolding, tragic story of her daughter's battle with cyber-bullying through the writings of her diary.
  Julia LaCava - Nature Coast Technical High School

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