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Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Fire and Arson Investigations
405 Pike Road
West Palm Beach, FL

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Phone: 5616167025
Fax: 5616167083
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To report arson, or any other crime, contact Crimestoppers at www.crimestopperspbc.com or call 1-800-458-TIPS (8477).

Firefighter fighting wildfire.

About Us
The Palm Beach County Fire/Arson Unit is under the Office of the Fire Marshal. The unit is made up of a Captain who oversees the daily operations or the unit including fire/arson investigators and a records/evidence custodian. The unit provides twenty-four hour investigative services to the citizens of Palm Beach County. The unit is charged with performing all types of investigations and working in conjunction with other agencies. The investigators conduct all aspects of fire investigations including origin and cause into fire and explosion scenes, scene security, evidence collection and preservation, scene reconstruction and the determination of competent ignition sources along with the first fuel ignited. The fire/arson investigators are sworn law enforcement officers through the Palm Beach County Sherriff's Office that allows them to takes cases directly to the Office of the State Attorney for the prosecution of fire/arson related cases. The members of the unit are qualified to provide expert testimony in both criminal and civil cases.

The Records/Evidence Custodian is also a part of the unit. This section is responsible for the maintenance and destruction of all records generated by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. In addition, the custodian is responsible for the security, maintenance, and destruction of all evidence collected by the investigators during the course of their investigation.

Investigations Staff
Tom Fucci IV1 5616167055 tfucci@pbcgov.org
Paul Matthews IV3 5616167056 pmatthew@pbcgov.org
Marvin Hubert IV4 5616167054 mhubert@pbcgov.org
Pam Summers IV5 5616167059 psummers@pbcgov.org
Mike Boike IV6 5616166939 mboike@pbcgov.org
Brian Gordon IV7 5616167059 bgordon@pbcgov.org
Kim Herron Records Custodian 5616167025 kherron@pbcgov.org

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