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PBCFR Station 28 at Shattered Dreams Presentation Royal Palm Beach High School
Captain Albert Borroto/Photos Courtesy Diane Hennessy. Posted on April 18th , 2014

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is proud to once again be a participant in the "Shattered Dreams" presentations being done at local high schools. The program highlights the dangers of distracted or impaired driving. Local drama students play the part of "victims" in the recreation of a tragic crash event during a night out with friends for prom. The program is done on the football field with the student body watching the event unfold before their eyes as a narrator provides commentary on what they are viewing. Students see a crash scene, Police and Fire first responders, a helicopter and finally the funeral home with parents being notified of the tragedy. Through presentations such as these local agencies are able to educate and inform the students of the consequences of what may occur when you do not focus when driving.

PBCFR Crews Participate in Advanced Airway Training Session
Troy Dichard/Tony Faso. Posted on April 18th , 2014

On the afternoon of Saturday April 12, 2014 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews from Station 24 B-Shift and on duty Trauma Hawk crews participated in an advanced airway training session held at the HCD Trauma Hawk Hanger. Crews trained on various aspects of airway management ranging from a simple airway to a complex difficult airway situation. Training emphasis was focused on the positioning and preparation of both patient and equipment. Training mannequins simulating different types of patients including an infant, child, and adult were used for the hands on training. Participants were able to increase their familiarity with various airway adjuncts including the King Vision video laryngoscope, different size laryngoscope blades, and endotrachael tube sizes/stylets to name just a few.

Hands on training such as this help the Firefighters and Air Crew members to maintain their high skill levels in managing difficult airways in the field providing the best care possible to residents and visitors of Palm Beach County.

Trauma Hawk Crew:
RN-Edward Rivera Jeffery Meeler William Crafa
PM-Anthony Faso Troy Dichard Sheehan Hajaree
Station 24 Crew:
E24- Dwight Babb Christopher S. Thomas Philip Clark
R24- Ada Vought Daniel Strong Michael Mckeehan

Station 73 Handles Early Evening Rollover Crash
District Captain Craig Prusansky. Posted on April 18th , 2014

On Thursday, April 17, 2014, crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 73 responded to a rollover crash on State Road 80 just outside of Belle Glade. The single vehicle rolled several times before coming to a rest on the shoulder. Only one person was injured and they were transported to a local hospital. The crash is under investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

PBCFR Celebrates our Alarm Office During National Telecommunicator Week
Pat Wehrle. Posted on April 14th , 2014

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week and so it's proper to recognize our Alarm Office staff for their efforts. As you may know, Dispatch provides twenty-four hour fire, rescue, aeromedical, and private ambulance dispatching services for the unincorporated areas of the County, plus the 18 cities we serve. They provide those same services to 6 other fire departments serving a total of 10 cities. In total, they protect 82% of our county population.

Our Alarm Office was recertified this past year as a State of Florida State Certified Public Safety Dispatch Center.

Our Alarm Office motto is "First on the call". This is very true, because for most callers they are the first point of contact with our department. In many cases they remain on the line with the caller, giving instructions for emergency care, and more importantly, providing a calm source of reassurance.

This week we will celebrate and honor the men and women at Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Alarm Office who handle emergency calls, dispatch emergency professionals and equipment, and render life saving assistance to the Citizens and Visitor's of Palm Beach County. The importance of recognizing and celebrating the hard work of these dedicated professionals at every level is immeasurable. I am confident and stand behind the commitment and devotion these men and women provide to ensure the safety of our Community.

Our Dispatcher's do their job with a high degree of professionalism and very little recognition compared to our operational personnel. It's a pleasure for me to take a moment to extend my thanks on behalf of the department to the staff of the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Alarm Office.

Station 45 Performs Demonstation at King's Point Meeting with Commisioner Berger
Battalion Chief Matt Gaffney. Posted on April 11th , 2014

The crews of Station 45 were guests of Commissioner Mary Lou Berger at a recent meeting of the King's Point Democratic Club. Drew Reyburn of Local 2928 gave updates and information on the Yellow Dot program that is currently being considered in the state legislature, and Elyse Brown gave an overview on some of PBCFRs current initiatives, such as fall prevention and carbon monoxide awareness. The highlight of the event was Commissioner Berger, arriving to the meeting on R45's stretcher. Commissioner Berger thanked the firefighters and recognized them for their professionalism and expertise. The crew then gave a live demonstration of a cardiac arrest scenario, as District Chief Ellis explained the equipment and the procedures. The attendees were suitable impressed and came away with a greater understanding of the capabilities of their firefighters.
Thanks to DC Ellis, Cpt Rorabaugh, DO Felix, Lt Clayton, and PMs Tsai, Ruby, and Prince for the very informative demonstration, and for delivering Mary Lou safe and sound!

Battalion 2 Crews Battle Early Evening Fire in the Acreage
Captain A. Borroto/Photos Courtesy Investigator M. Hubert . Posted on April 9th , 2014

On April 7, 2014 at 834 pm crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Battalion 2 responded to reports of a fire on the 6900 block of 120th Ave in the Acreage. Callers reported seeing smoke and flames from a home. First arriving firefighters reported smoke and flames from the side of a home. On investigation they found four sheds beside the home with one on fire. The sheds were approximately 10 feet from the home and firefighting efforts concentrated on extinguishing the fire and protection of the exposure side of the home. Firefighters checked the residence and confirmed there were no occupants inside. The fire was contained to the affected structure with no spread to the main home. The residents did not require assistance or housing from any outside agency after this event. An investigator was called out to the scene to determine the cause of the fire.
Great job by all crews on containing the fire and protecting the main home on this incident!

Battalion 5 Crews Battle Fire at Two Story Apartment Complex
Captain A. Borroto/ Photos Courtesy Captain Anthony Keeler. Posted on April 9th , 2014

At 1:42 pm on April 7, 2014 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews from Battalion 5 responded to reports of a structure fire on the 5500 block of Pacific Blvd at Palms of Boca del Mar. Callers reported smoke from the doors and windows of an apartment. First arriving firefighters reported heavy smoke and flames from the front of the two story apartment building. Fire crews quickly entered the building, and locating the fire, were able to bring it under control before there was any spread to adjacent apartments. The Red Cross was contacted to assist one adult occupant that was displaced by the fire and the cause is under investigation. Great job by all crews on this fire!

Local Firefighter attends Memorial Services for Fallen Boston Firefighters
Lieutenant Tom Reyes. Posted on April 8th , 2014

Brothers and Sisters,

I was in Boston for the funerals of Lt Eddie Walsh and FF Mike Kennedy, both died in the Line of Duty on 3/26/2014. The outpouring of support for their families and fellow firefighters was nothing short of overwhelming. An estimated 10,000 firefighters from the USA, Canada, and as far away as Australia came together to honor these men.

A staging area was set up at the Bayside Expo Center. We were bused in a 50 city bus procession with a police escort to the funerals. Lt. Walsh's funeral mass was at St. Patrick's Church in Watertown. Once there, firefighters ranging from Recruits to Chiefs to Retired lined the road for multiple city blocks in 8 man deep rows. Captain Lee Forshner was part of over 400 pipers and drummers that led the processions. The shockingly powerful and moving sound of the band playing "Minstrel Boy" during Lt. Walsh's funeral was something I will never forget.

That evening I gave 3 BFD Firefighters a ride to their station (Broadway- E7/L17). They were 2nd due to the Beacon Street Fire. Some still had bandages on their heads and hands from acting as RIC. I was welcomed as a brother firefighter and spent most of the evening there.

FF Kennedy's funeral was the next morning, and once again over 50 busses snarled traffic throughout the city as we were escorted to Holy name Church in West Roxbury. The showing Thursday was no less impressive. FF Kennedy was a Marine and there was a Marine presence in his procession. After the services, we were bused to Florian Hall where The Dropkick Murphy's then played for over an hour.

This was an incredible part of fire history that I was honored and privileged to be able to be a part of. I would like to thank my wife for being so supportive when I said I wanted to go. I also want to thank Lt. Mike Medley for doing a shift swap with short notice. Without their help, I would not have been able to make it.


Lt. Tom Reyes--36A

"It is not the will to win that matters- everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters." Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant.

PBCFR at Boca Burn Softball Tournament
Lieutenant Michael Murtaugh. Posted on April 8th , 2014

On April 5 and 6, teams from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue participated in the 34th Annual Boca Burn Softball Tournament. The yearly tournament hosted by the Boca Raton Firefighter & Paramedic Benevolent helps raise funds for the Children's Burn Foundation of Florida. This year over 24 teams of Firefighters and Police from all over the state of Florida battled it out over the two day event to determine who would be named the Boca Burn Champion.

Congratulations to this year's winners:
A Division B.S.O Fire
B Division Hialeah FD
C Division WPB FD

PBCFR at April Pool's Day Lake Lytal Family Aquatic Center
Captain Albert Borroto/Photos Courtesy Diane Hennessy. Posted on April 8th , 2014

On Saturday April 6, 2014 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue participated in the Annual April Pool's Day at Lake Lytal Family Aquatic Center in suburban West Palm Beach. Crews from PBCFR Special Operations demonstrated how they perform dive operations. Several children in attendance were thrilled to have the opportunity to communicate with the specialized divers via headsets from poolside as they performed search patterns.
The event brought together The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County, American Red Cross, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and Ocean Rescue to promote water safety education to the community. Attendees learned about water safety thru fun games, demonstrations and many other family friendly activities.

PBCFR Reserve Battalion Awarded Safe Boating Grant
Battalion Chief Kevin Rattey. Posted on April 8th , 2014

In recognition of their efforts in promoting safe boating, the PBCFR Reserve Battalion has been named as a recipient of the 2014 North American Safe Boating Campaign ("Wear It!") Grant.

The Battalion will be using this grant to purchase lifejackets for children as well as educational and safety items for this year's "Wear It" campaign, which officially kicks off on May 17. Look for us on the ICW and at various safety fairs/events throughout the summer.

The North American Safe Boating Campaign and this project support are produced under a grant from the Sports Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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