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PBCFR at Combat Challenge FDIC 2016
District Chief Ken Sehres. Posted on April 26th , 2016

This year at the Fire Department Instructor Conference & Exhibition (FDIC) in Indianapolis, once again, the Firefighter Combat Challenge was conducted. There were over 130 firefighters competing. The venerable firefighter Aaron Piering of Station 30 A-shift finished strong as always having competed in the top events for several years now. He made the stairs look like an escalator at high speed. For the first time, rookie firefighter Marc Rice from District 10 B-shift made a spectacular run that rivaled the competitiveness of those more experienced. If you've ever watched this event then you understand that technique and process is just as important as physical brawn. Both Piering and Rice dragged and maneuvered the charged hose with precision. Thank you to both firefighters (wearing the white helmets) for their passionate representation of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue in a very demanding demonstration of our job skills.

Congratulations Recruit Clas 64
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on April 18th , 2016

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Congratulates Recruit Class #64 "The Forged" on completion of the recruit academy and being assigned to shift. Twenty new firefighters added to our ranks!

Station 91 Helps Children at Local Elementary School go on Year End Trip
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on April 12th , 2016

Firefighters from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, found out that many North Grade Elementary 4th grade students would not be able go on an end of the year field trip to Epcot because their families couldn't afford it. The crews from Station 91, in Lake Worth, started a campaign and raised enough money to send all 63 students who would otherwise be unable to attend. On Thursday April 7th the firefighters presented the school principal and students with the gift. The students in return thanked the crews with homemade cards and a special banner. Great job Station 91 and everyone involved in this project!

Team Wins Second Place at Boca Burn Softball Competition
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on April 4th , 2016

Congratulations Softball Team on their 2nd Place Finish at the recent Boca Burn Softball Tournament!

Investigators Help on Science Fair Project
Captain Tom Fucci. Posted on March 29th , 2016

"How do different liquids burn and what do they look like after they're out." This was not a question from an arsonist, but rather 12 year old Jordan Polito for her Loggers Run Science fair project. Jordan's mom, Debra called the PBCFR Investigations Division trying to find a solution to her dilemma and figure out how to get the answers for her daughter. On March 3, 2016, Debra and Jordan came to the PBCFR Training Center to get those answers. Investigator's Brian Gordon, Mike Boike and Captain Tom Fucci set up a demonstration showing her different types of liquids on samples of carpeting and set them on fire. She had a smile from ear to ear and was asking all kinds of questions. Jordan was able to keep the carpet samples to display for her science fair project, which made her and her mom extremely happy. "You guys are great and I can't believe you guys did all this for her" said Debra referring to her daughter. We'll just have to wait to see what Jordan got as a grade for her project.

Department Band Members Attend South Florida Pipe and Drum Academy
Driver Operatot Jon Ferguson. Posted on March 8th , 2016

Members of the department band attended the South Florida Pipe and Drum Academy held at Boca Raton Fire Rescue HQ for 5 days. There were 6 instructors from Scotland that were working with the pipers and drummers. There were band members from Broward, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Dade and Boca Raton Fire Depts.
Various topics were covered in addition to learning new skills and music, such as:
o Tuning drones and chanter
o Bagpipe/drum maintenance
o Highland Dress
o Massed band sessions: starting with a drum roll, marching in step, stopping on a dime, and deportment. Massed band tunes and settings are sent to students in advance of the session.
On Sunday, A concert was performed for the public. Our own Pipe Major John Flynn won the award for most the most promising piper!!

PBCFR Firefighter Named Career Firefighter of the Year
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 3rd , 2016

Congratulations Firefighter Alfred Pulvirenti! Honored as the Career Firefighter of the Year at the recent 2016 Annual Fire Service Awards hosted by CFO and State Fire Marshal Jeff Atwater in Tallahassee on Tuesday March 1st.

Firefighters Battle Multiple Structure Fires Inside Forest Hill Village
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 2nd , 2016

At dinnertime on Tuesday March 1st crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to reports of multiple homes on fire in the Forest Hill Village development in suburban West Palm Beach. Responding crews reported a visible column on smoke when turning onto the street. First arriving crews reported they had multiple homes on fire and immediately started a fire attack. Firefighters reported they had two homes directly affected by fire and a third home whose fence and yard were on fire, on two separate streets. Working quickly firefighters were able to get the two fires under control and prevent spread to any other homes in the neighborhood. All residents at home at the time of the fire were able to get safely out without injury.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Home Fire Preparedness Campaign in The Village of Wellington
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 2nd , 2016

On Saturday February 27, 2016 members from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, The American Red Cross and Wellington Fire Academy students participated in a Home Fire Preparedness Campaign installing free smoke detectors in the Periwinkle and Hawthorne communities of The Village of Wellington. Two hundred smoke detectors were distributed for crews to install in homes that needed detectors.
While performing installations in one neighborhood a child approached the crew from Engine 27 and asked for a tour of the Fire Engine, after completing the tour the child went home returning with his toy fire truck to show the firefighters his engine! Great job Engine Company 27!
Thank you to all the volunteers, PBCFR Reserve Battalion and Engine Company 27

PBCFR at Annual EMS Meeting in Dallas
Battalion Chief Daniel Millstone. Posted on March 2nd , 2016

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue members travelled to Dallas in February to attend the annual EMS State of the Sciences Conference (dubbed by media as "A Gathering of Eagles"). It has become one of the most progressive and important EMS conferences worldwide.

The faculty, derived from the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium (The "Eagles" Coalition) is comprised of most of the jurisdictional EMS Medical Directors for the nation's 35 to 40 largest U.S. cities' 9-1-1 systems as well as the chief medical officers for several pivotal federal agencies such as the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, White House Medical Unit and also includes several global municipalities such as London (UK) and Sydney (Australia).

In essence, this small but cohesive cadre of leading emergency medical services specialists not only oversee the medical aspects of day-to-day 9-1-1-type emergency responses and early resuscitative interventions for trauma, stroke, cardiac care and other critical emergencies in the nation's (and some of the world's) most populous cities, but most of them are also responsible for much of the medical aspects of homeland security and disaster management in these high-risk venues (in which nearly 100 million persons dwell and make their livelihood). Their ability to deal with these significant responsibilities is, in many ways, facilitated by the close cooperation of this unique convocation of physicians who also generally serve as the main interface between local government and the medical community at large in these metropolitan municipalities.

The purpose of the highly popular annual Eagles conference is to share with participants --- and faculty alike --- the most cutting-edge information and advances in EMS patient care, research and management issues --- as well as trending challenges (and lessons learned from those challenges) --- while also introducing novel patient care strategies and techniques.

Beyond the faculty, this unique global EMS conference is also famous for having pioneered the 10 minute bullet plenary presentation, "lightning rounds" and other innovative educational advances which have not only provided the attendees with 40 or so plenary presentations over 2 days but, according to conference evaluations, have also changed nationwide medical practices almost overnight. Accordingly, the consortium has become extraordinarily influential in shaping future EMS practice trends, medical aspects of disasters and homeland security -- not to mention day-to-day 9-1-1 responses and resuscitations worldwide.

Pictured from left to right:
S Jatoba, T Waterhouse, R Ellis, P Leser, D Millstone, C Coyle, P Antevy, M Ellis, P Pepe, K Scheppke,
S Campana, A Robles

Delray Beach Fire Rescue Recruits Spend Day at PBCFR Regional Training Center
Captain Steven Trimble. Posted on February 24th , 2016

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue recently welcomed Chief Moews, Captain Turnbach and 18 new recruits from Delray Beach Fire Rescue for a day of training. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue's Training and Safety Division provided an orientation of the department Dispatch Center, a certification class for Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP), countywide communications training and Motorola APX 6000XE portable radio training that included a team building hands on SCBA exercise.

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