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RE17 Goes the Extra MileRE17 Goes the Extra Mile
Story by Lt Doug McGlynn. Posted on October 27th , 2006

The Customer Service Team would like to recognize RE17 and R14 for delivering the exact type of "going the extra mile" service that the program has been boasting about since our inception late last year. Our thoughts are that good deeds occur every day throughout our department but they seem to "fly beneath the radar" sort of speak. This is not one of those cases.

Apparently RE17 and R14 were dispatched to a cardiac related emergency on the Beeline Highway. Upon RE17's arrival they found a mother and her 3 month old baby son, who had an extensive cardiac history, on their way for a CT Scan at St. Mary's Pediatric. Evidently the vehicle experienced a blowout on one of the tires and the mother, a struggling single parent, didn't know who else to call for help since they only had another 15 minutes till their appointment. Due to the severity of the patient's age and history, R14 transported both the mom and child to St.Mary's. RE17 however, empowered themselves to take the service the "extra mile" when they decided to take the flat tire off the vehicle and drive it over to Dolphin Tire on Military Trail. After speaking to the manager of the store and informing him what had happened, the manager decided to donate a newly used tire to the crew in efforts of assisting the young deserving mother who was obviously having a bad day. RE17 drove back to the vehicle, replaced the tire, and left a note on the windshield for her since she planned on returning to the vehicle later that day. The crews left a message for her at St. Mary's that the vehicle was fixed and ready for her whenever she was complete from the hospital.

This type of Customer Service is exemplary of the message we are trying to share with others in the way that they stepped to the plate when they saw the opportunity, risen to the task of taking on initiative, and coordinating with local resources as good community neighbors often do when they are trying to "do the right thing". Thanks go out to all crew members involved who also will receive Frequent Fire Miles as a token of our recognition: Lt. Nick Gerry, DO Brandon Andersen, FM Charlie Head, FM Dennis McKessey, and FM Ed Bauries.

"New" Station 41 is Dedicated"New" Station 41 is Dedicated
Story by Don Delucia, photos by Sergio Ornelas. Posted on October 26th , 2006

The newly rebuild station 41 was dedicated with a formal ceremony on Wednesday, October 25. Commissioner Burt Aaronson gave a very supportive speech on behalf of all firefighters and told everyone how much he appreciated all that we do. Guests from the surrounding communities and other departments were given tours of the new building and enjoyed refreshments after the ceremony. The Fire Rescue Honor Guard and Pipes and Drums did their usual professional opening for the crowd.

New Pahokee Engine Place in Service, w/ TraditionNew Pahokee Engine Place in Service, w/ Tradition
Story and photos by Lt. Doug McGlynn. Posted on October 26th , 2006

Crews at Pahokee Station 72 were happy to recieve their newest member of the fleet,.... a brand new 2006 E-One Typhoon Custom Cab Fire Engine. Keeping true with fire service traditions of placing a new piece of equipment into service, District Chief Burroughs joined his firefighters in the welcoming the apparatus to it's new home. Crews can be seen pushing the new truck into the bay with grace & honor before officially placing it into service on October 5th, 2006 (A-Shift) at approx. 1900hrs. The unit replaces the older 1986 Pierce Dash Engine which will serve as reserve status for battalion seven.

Car Accident in Wellington, October 24, 5:00PMCar Accident in Wellington, October 24, 5:00PM
Story and photos by Battalion Chief Nigel Baker. Posted on October 26th , 2006

The vehicle was occupied by two young teenagers who were traveling Southbound on 441 approaching Forest Hill Blvd. They appeared to have lost control of the vehicle, hit the curb and then the vehicle rolled over multiple times, ejecting both occupants and finally landing on its roof and catching fire.
RP30, E25, R27, RQ29, EMS 2, DC 2 , DC 10, B2, TH1, and TH1 were units assigned to patient treatment, LZ, extinguishing the car fire, incident command, or scene mitigation.

The two ejected victims were flown via TH1 & TH2 to Delray Community Trauma Center in critical condition.

Witnessed Car Into CanalWitnessed Car Into Canal
Story by Don Delucia and Photos by Artie Werkle. Posted on October 25th , 2006

Witnesses, including a Sheriffs Deputy, saw a vehicle splash into the Palm Beach Canal, which runs along Southern Blvd. The incident occurred around 11 am near Haverhill and Southern Blvd on Monday, October 23. The vehicle turned out to unoccupied and stolen. The car thief was not found. Units on scene included RE33, DC10, EMS3, SO31, RE31, DC4, R33, EMS9 and SO19.

Airport Firefighters Train in Aircraft Extrication ProceduresAirport Firefighters Train in Aircraft Extrication Procedures
Photos and story by Lt. Mark Carr. Posted on October 23rd , 2006

Firefighters of Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Station 81 at Palm Beach Int'l Airport got a chance participate in some rare hands-on training in aircraft extrication procedures this week. An old executive jet was made available to firefighters who used a wide array of tools to gain access to or penetrate the aircraft. A SPAAT tool - a pneumatic tool that bores a hole in the aircrafts inner and outer walls and then allows application of a water fog through its tip was used as well as air chisels, reciprocating saws, sledge hammers, pick-headed axes and other hand tools. The training was well received by the crews and offered valuable insight into some of the potential challenges involved in an aircraft accident.

Mobile Home Fire in Station 23's AreaMobile Home Fire in Station 23's Area
Story and Photos by Capt. Don Delucia. Posted on October 18th , 2006

A fire call came into dispatch at approximately 20 minutes after 5 PM on Tuesday, October 17, with a reported mobile home on fire at 5815 Buccaneer Tr in suburban West Palm Beach. When units arrived they found smoke and flames coming from a single- wide trailer. There were cars in the driveway but no one appeared to be at home. The crew from station 23 made a quick interior attack and knocked down the fire in a short period of time, despite one tense moment when a propane tank inside the home vented after being exposed to the fire. The Red Cross was contacted to assist the family of five that had resided there. Units on scene included RE23, RE24, R23b, EMS3, DC10, PI1, IV4 and Vol unit 900.

Pete Murphy and the crew from E-24 were inadvertently left out of the story. It was Pete's quick thinking and courage that made a quick knock down of the fire and it was he who discovered the propane tank that had vented. Pete worked his way to the venting propane tank and was able to extinguish the fire and remove the tank from the trailer. If it wasn't for Pete, the venting tank could have done some real harm to those that

Ant Infestation Bugs Fire-Rescue at Palm Beach Int'l AirportAnt Infestation Bugs Fire-Rescue at Palm Beach Int'l Airport
Photos and story by Lt. Mark Carr. Posted on October 10th , 2006

A large ant infestation almost grounded fire-rescue services at Palm Beach Int'l Airport recently. Airport Lieutenant 1 and his vehicle were almost devoured by a family of red ants of the copper variety. It seems as though the lieutenant might have strayed a bit close to an overly protective hill of ant larvae. It was no picnic but fortunately, thanks to the skillful evasive driving techniques of the quick-witted lieutenant, he was able to escape unharmed.

Airport Lt. Mark Carr reported, "It was just plane scary and almost landed me in a hill of trouble. It really taxied my nerves for a while. I'm just glad I was able to wing it and take-off out of danger."

In reality, the ants are part of an "art" display alongside the main entrance to the airport.

Salute to Retiring United Airlines PilotSalute to Retiring United Airlines Pilot
Photos and story by Battalion Chief Horowitz. Posted on October 2nd , 2006

Palm Beach County units from the Airport Battalion recently assisted with a water cannon salute to an unnamed United Airlines pilot just before he flew his last flight before retirement.

Read For The RecordRead For The Record
Story and Photos by DC Curtis Rice. Posted on September 22nd , 2006

The Community Education Department wishes to thank all those who volunteered on "Read For The Record" day. Over 2000 adults read to more than 25,000 children that day. Thanks to those who went the "extra mile".

Caravan In CanalCaravan In Canal
Story and Photos by District Chief Curtis Rice. Posted on September 6th , 2006

On August 24th @ 0712 hrs; RE42, R42, EMS4 and DC4 were dispatched to a van in the canal on Atlantic Avenue, just east of the Florida Turnpike. A construction worker had noticed the vehicle after sun rise. Upon arrival, units found a Dodge Caravan upside in the canal with two men trapped between the front and rear seats. There was approximately 12 inches of air between the water and the floor of the van. They had been in the van for over five hours. BC4 and R45 responded. Special OPS were dispatched. After working on the seats release, the rear seats were removed and the two men were freed. Special OPS was canceled prior to their arrival.

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