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RE17 Goes the Extra Mile

Story by Lt Doug McGlynn
Palm Beach County, Florida
October 27th , 2006

The Customer Service Team would like to recognize RE17 and R14 for delivering the exact type of "going the extra mile" service that the program has been boasting about since our inception late last year. Our thoughts are that good deeds occur every day throughout our department but they seem to "fly beneath the radar" sort of speak. This is not one of those cases.

Apparently RE17 and R14 were dispatched to a cardiac related emergency on the Beeline Highway. Upon RE17's arrival they found a mother and her 3 month old baby son, who had an extensive cardiac history, on their way for a CT Scan at St. Mary's Pediatric. Evidently the vehicle experienced a blowout on one of the tires and the mother, a struggling single parent, didn't know who else to call for help since they only had another 15 minutes till their appointment. Due to the severity of the patient's age and history, R14 transported both the mom and child to St.Mary's. RE17 however, empowered themselves to take the service the "extra mile" when they decided to take the flat tire off the vehicle and drive it over to Dolphin Tire on Military Trail. After speaking to the manager of the store and informing him what had happened, the manager decided to donate a newly used tire to the crew in efforts of assisting the young deserving mother who was obviously having a bad day. RE17 drove back to the vehicle, replaced the tire, and left a note on the windshield for her since she planned on returning to the vehicle later that day. The crews left a message for her at St. Mary's that the vehicle was fixed and ready for her whenever she was complete from the hospital.

This type of Customer Service is exemplary of the message we are trying to share with others in the way that they stepped to the plate when they saw the opportunity, risen to the task of taking on initiative, and coordinating with local resources as good community neighbors often do when they are trying to "do the right thing". Thanks go out to all crew members involved who also will receive Frequent Fire Miles as a token of our recognition: Lt. Nick Gerry, DO Brandon Andersen, FM Charlie Head, FM Dennis McKessey, and FM Ed Bauries.


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