Introduction to ePZB Online Submittal
The Zoning Division processes both Development Review Officer (DRO) Administrative Amendments and Type 1 Administrative Variances electronically (online). The Agent or Applicant must establish a log in name to access the secured dbase. Once registered, the user can submit applications, attach required documents and pay fees from their personal or office computers.

ADMINISTRATIVE AMENDMENTS: A Pre-Application Submittal appointment is not necessary; however, Applicants can choose to discuss their project with Staff each Tuesday between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. or contact 561-233-5302 to schedule an appointment. Applications must be submitted only online from 5:00 p.m. Monday until 12:00 p.m. Tuesday each week. The online system will automatically reject any application that is submitted outside this time frame.

TYPE 1 VARIANCES: The Applicant is required to schedule a Pre-Application Appointment with Staff prior to completing an online application. During the Pre-Application Appointment, Staff will provide assistance related to the request and application forms, as well as clarify any questions related to how to submit the application electronically. To schedule a Pre-Application Appointment, contact 561-233-5578.

Applicants are encouraged to save the application and all necessary attachments on a scan disk or a CD for their records. Important: PZB will NOT process any online applications with electronic attachments that do not meet the acceptable electronic file formats standards. Click here for acceptable electronic file formats.

DRO COMMENTS/RESPONSES: The DRO Comment/Response screen is used by applicants to view applications currently being processed for DRO certification for public hearing or final site plan approval. The various agencies provide the Development Review Officer with comments related to each application. The applicant can view these comments via the Web and respond online. In order to respond to comments related to your company you must establish a log in name to access the secured dbase. If you are unable to access your application to provide online responses, contact the PZBHELP Desk to determine if your email is listed in the secured dbase. The ability to add responses to comments is regulated by the Zoning Division based on dates on the official Zoning Calendar. This is to ensure that either county staff or the applicant is editing comments/responses at a given time. If you are unable to provide online responses contact the PZBHELP Desk or your project manager to determine if you are scheduled for a DRO Meeting.

Instruction Manual – Online Application Submittal

List of Common Application Insufficiencies – Admin. Amendments


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