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ISS managers and staff are engaged in an extensive planning process to assist in aligning and leading the County's IT direction. The strategic planning process recognizes that County government includes both centralized (ISS) and decentralized aspects of IT management. The finished plan will chart the course of the ISS Department over the next several years and will serve to emphasize and prioritize the important initiatives that will be addressed during this period.

Enterprise IT Strategies for 2009-2011 will focus on the following strategic directions:

  • Identify opportunities for automating repetitive work processes, forms and reports (e.g.,online agenda process, travel request/reimbursement, mileage reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, and fixed assets).
  • Develop expert staff capabilities with Microsoft Office SharePoint Services platform.
  • Improve internal management processes for capturing staff time worked and projects.
  • Continue to recruit and retain competent employees.
  • Reduce response time for customer service requests and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Assure readiness for potential business disruptions.
  • Increase revenues through shared services model, e.g., network connectivity, application development and hosting.
  • Look for ways to reduce costs, including staff attrition, elimination of duplicate services, and renegotiation of vendor contracts, while minimizing impact on services.

Other special projects include the annual update of the ISS Cost Allocation Plan, installation of an electronic billing system for land line telephones and cell phones; and implementation of an application to track fixed assets under the custody of ISS.


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