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Palm Beach County has developed a new tool - “myGeoNav” to save money and improve efficiency.  Many of you may already be familiar with the Property Appraiser’s PAPA (Property Appraiser Public Access) System.  PAPA’s map tool was used as a springboard for developing myGeoNav, an application that will benefit many industries and the general public.  While PAPA is a wonderful tool for viewing property and home values, myGeoNav is a new Internet tool for viewing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data layers from many different county agencies.  myGeoNav is not designed to replace PAPA, but as a tool that provides additional functions.

myGeoNav will give you access to view property lines, current and historical aerial photography, political boundaries, parks, schools and school boundaries, coastal and environmental features, County land use and zoning information, Palm Tran bus stops and routes and much, much more.  

One of the best things about myGeoNav is your ability to customize it to your personal preferences.  You will be able to have it open up in your preferred map area with the data layers you would like to see every time; such as, road names, aerials, parcel boundaries, municipalities, etc.  You can also have myGeoNav automatically open PAPA, Google Maps™, or Microsoft’s Birdseye View for seeing the sides of a building from all directions.  These applications can come up upon entering the site, or can be turned on individually as needed.

Please click on the links below to see a tutorial of myGeoNav or to access the application directly.  We greatly appreciate any feedback you might have. Please visit this site at .  Once there, you may bookmark this site for easy reference in the future.  There are a multitude of short training videos to assist you in learning how to quickly navigate the myGeoNav site. You will notice the “help” icons throughout the website designated by a white question mark within a blue circle.  If you click on the icon you will be able to see a brief video describing that particular function.   We hope you find this new tool useful to you and your organization.

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