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BCC Briefs for August 14, 2012

At the August 14, 2012, Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board took the following action:

Mecca Farms – agreed to begin negotiations with the South Florida Water Management District for the transfer of approximately 1,495 acres of District land with an assessed value of approximately $24.66 million to the county plus a cash payment of $30 million in exchange for the 1,919 acre Mecca Farms site. Mecca Farms currently costs the county approximately $250,000 a year to secure and maintain, in addition to debt service payments.

Transit Village – approved an agreement for purchase and sale with Transit Village, LLC for certain interests in the county-owned real property commonly known as The Wedge and located within the City of West Palm Beach’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District, subject to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and FDOT approval of the terms of this agreement.

Water Utilities – approved a one year extension to all Water Utilities Department (WUD) development renewal agreements that were scheduled to expire on or after September 30, 2012, and before September 30, 2013. Developers who meet certain criteria as outlined in the Water Utilities Department’s Uniform Policies and Procedures Manual (UPAP) are required to enter into development agreements to reserve potable water, wastewater, and/or reclaimed water capacity for their projects. The extension was granted due to the sluggish economy.

Reclaimed Water – approved a contract for the construction of the Morikami Park Reclaimed Water Main Extension Project in the amount of $638,643. The contract provides for the construction of a 16-inch water main to provide reclaimed water service for irrigation purposes to the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens, the Delray Beach Civic Center & Park Facilities, and nearby residential communities.

Internal Auditor – postponed the discussion of the semi-annual report from the Internal Audit Committee.

Housing Finance Authority – approved first reading and to advertise for public hearing on September 11, revisions to County Code. Revisions recommended by staff include adding provisions related to the county code of ethics, references to the new county Department of Economic Sustainability, and other revisions proposed by the authority. Additionally, the authority is recommending that the requirement that an authority board member may not serve more than two consecutive complete four  year terms be removed.

Economic Sustainability – approved delegation of authority to the County Administrator or his designee to vote on homeowner association and neighborhood organization matters related to properties under the Department of Economic Sustainability’s (DES) control.

Powerboat World Championships – approved the use of county park properties in support of the Palm Beach County World Championship Offshore Grand Prix Powerboat Races to be held October 17, 2012, through October 22, 2012. The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has endorsed the event via a sponsorship and estimates a possible $4 million economic impact to Palm Beach County garnishing national attention.

Palm Springs Annexation – approved an inter-local agreement with the Village of Palm Springs providing for the annexation of nine enclaves, generally located east of Kirk Road, north of Lakewood Road, west of Gulfstream Road and south of Canal Road.

Handicapped Fueling – approved on preliminary reading and advertising for public hearing on September 11, an ordinance of the Board of County Commissioners of Palm Beach County, Florida, pertaining to refueling assistance for persons with disabilities. The ordinance would change requirements for decals displayed at gas stations and would affect approximately 20% of stations in the county.

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