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Community Outreach

Community Outreach
Our Exemption Services staff goes out into the community to take new applications for Homestead Exemption

Property Appraiser Gary Nikolits, CFA, is happy to announce that the Property Appraiser's Office regularly takes Homestead Exemption applications for new residents at various locations throughout the county.

"We inaugurated Community Outreach a few years ago and it proved so popular with our customers that we are happy to continue the program," said Property Appraiser Nikolits.

We invite Homeowner and Condominium associations to participate in Community Outreach. Please call (561) 355-4021 for more information.

Go to Events and Calendar for updated location sites and dates.

Homestead Exemption applications may be pre-filed at any time but the deadline is March 1 of the qualifying year.

For more information about the application process itself, please call Exemption Services at (561) 355-2866.