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Geographical Information Systems/Ownership Management, 561.355.1558,


Our Geographical Information System (GIS) assists our deputy appraisers with detailed property ownership maps. Data is collected from various sources to create maps with acreage, lot, block, street names, and property control numbers.

The data is plotted by square mile to a 32" x 36" map. The maps are not official surveys of the property. A 17-digit number helps us pinpoint the property's exact location. For example: 50-43-43-23-05-010-0140.

The first two digits indicate where the property is located. The second two digits indicate the Range. The next two digits indicate Township. The next two digits indicate Section. The next two digits indicate Sub-division. The next three digits indicate the Block, and the final four digits indicate the Lot.

You can view an aerial photo of any parcel of land in the county on our website: Additional information or copies of more specialized mapping data can be ordered at any of our service centers located in Palm Beach County.