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We are happy to provide you with this Portability application Adobe PDF Document. Residential property owners with a qualified Homestead Exemption can transfer all or a significant portion of their "Save Our Homes" benefit to their new property. Portability allows you to transfer up to $500,000 of your property’s actual 3% assessment cap to your new property anywhere in Florida.

If you are considering a move, you can calculate the Portability benefit online. Using the Property Record Search button on our Home Page, search for the property you are selling. Use the Calculate Portability button to begin. The market and assessed values of your current homesteaded property are displayed. Enter the market value of your new property and use the Calculate button. The new assessed value and your Portability benefit are displayed.

Important points to consider when filing for Portability:

  1. To transfer your assessment difference you must have received a homestead exemption on the previous homestead property and must be an owner of the new homestead property.
  2. If you and your spouse (or former spouse) would like to designate shares of the homestead assessment difference then you must file a DR-501TS DESIGNATION OF OWNERSHIP SHARES form before you file your portability application.
  3. To transfer your assessment difference you must have established a new homestead on or before January 1 of the second year after abandoning your previous homestead.
  4. All owners of a jointly owned previous homestead must abandon that homestead in order for the assessment difference to be transferred.

Keep in mind there are no changes to the existing assessment cap benefit under Florida’s Save Our Homes provisions. Apply for Portability when you apply for Homestead Exemption on your new property.

Contact our Portability staff at 561.355.2866 for more information.

Please mail completed application to:

Property Appraiser's Office
Attn: Portability Services
301 N. Olive Ave., 5th Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401