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Special Sport League Announcements and Information
Adult Softball at Okeeheelee Park
Okeeheelee Park, 7715 Forest Hill Boulevard, WPB, FL

For more information: Adam Schackmann, Recreation Specialist II: (561) 963-6722 or

Rain Out Hotline Number: 561-784-7636

Leagues Start:
Mens Tuesday: Sept 12
Mixed Friday: Sept 15

Please click on the download forms/documents link for the registration flyer.

Each Division Winner will receive a team championship plaque and player T-shirts. Second place will receive a Division Runner-Up plaque. Playoff Champion will receive a trophy.
Adult Softball Leagues
Okeeheelee Park - Fall 2017

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: All players must sign the roster and show their driver's license before participating in games. Please make sure your game card and line up's match.

UNIFORM NUMBERS: Participants in ALL Palm Beach County sponsored adult athletic leagues must wear a number on their jersey which is plainly visible to the athletic official(s) or a score keeper.
1. Jerseys
A. Same color shirts/uniforms are recommended.
B. Numbers on clothing are mandatory; clearly visible, in contrasting color, on front, back, or sleeve.
C. Player(s) not having a number will receive a warning. A repeated offense will result in the player being called out.

BATS: All bats listed as approved on the ASA web site are approved for Palm Beach County sponsored leagues. If your bat is not on the approved list it cannot be used.

Check the ASA website ( for the list of ASA approved bats and ASA rules.

Leagues are unsanctioned. Palm Beach County will provide umpires and balls. The recognized rule book for all leagues is A.S.A. in addition to department supplemental rule book. A.S.A Certified Bats only.
Adult Softball
Palm Beach County uses a safety (double) 1st base
Palm Beach County Base Distance is set at 65ft
Palm Beach County Pitching Rubber Distance is set at 50ft
Outfield Fence is 300ft

Rain Out Hotline Number: 561-784-7636