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Okeeheelee Park  Mixed D Softball Summer
2012 Summer-Tournament - Post Season
Director: Ryan Chernekoff
Phone No: 561-963-6722

League Directory (For Team Info Click on Team Name or #). View Printable Report
03 RED
09 Welas Angels
10 Crushers
11 Boynton Auto
12 Mad Hatters
13 Asphalt Addicts
14 Ballbusters
15 Angels and Demons
99 Winner of 7pm game

League Schedule by Field  (Home Team Listed Second) View Printable Report
Date Time Field 1Field 2Field 3Field 4
Rainout from 8/03
07:00 PM 73 v 70   14 v 09   12 v 11   
08:00 PM 72 v 74   75 v 77   12 v 10   
09:00 PM 70 v 74   76 v 71   13 v 15   
Rain Out
No Play Date
06:30 PM 15 v 09     77 v 71  
07:30 PM 99 v 10     99 v 74  
BATS: The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department Athletic Section is an ASA sanctioned adult softball program.
All bats listed as approved on the ASA web site are approved for Palm Beach County sponsored leagues. If your bat is not on the approved list it cannot be used.
Check the ASA website ( for the list of ASA approved bats.

Numbers are mandatory
A.Same color shirts/uniforms are recommended.
B.Numbers on clothing are mandatory; clearly visible, in contrasting color, on front, back, or sleeve (right sleeve).
C.Player(s) not having a number will receive a warning. A repeated offense will result in the player being called out.

1. DRIVER'S LICENSE & SIGNATURES: Players may NOT participate in a game until they have shown their drivers license & signed the official team roster.

2. ROSTER FREEZE DATE: Rosters will be frozen on the 5th night of league play. Ask the Recreation Specialist II or Site Supervisor if you are unsure of the roster freeze date. Players listed on the Official Team Roster prior to the freeze date, but who have not participated, are eligible after they sign the roster and show their license.

3. All teams will play ten (10) games. All teams are entered into the single elimination playoff.

4. IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER: All team managers will be notified by the Recreation Specialist or Site Supervisor games have been canceled. This will be done via telephone and/or e-mail. A game cancellation notice will also be posted on the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Internet site: OR Players must call the CANCELLATION HOTLINE for Okeeheelee Park a t 561-784-7636 after 4:30 p.m. to find out if games have been canceled.

5. Questions and/or Comments regarding league matters can be directed to Ryan Chernekoff, Recreation Specialist II, by calling 561-963-6722 or via e-mail at