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Dick and Verna

Dick and Verna have been main figures at Okeeheelee Nature Center since 2003.  Coming here from the Tacoma Point Defiance zoo and aquarium in Washington State, Dick is always interested in discussing the different marine animals and zones that one finds on our East and West coast. As a volunteer here at the center, Dick will gladly greet you with a snake to discuss the niche that it fills in our habitat.

For those who are looking for information about butterflies and how to attract them, Dick is our man. He provides us with butterflies for our vivarium and will gladly take you for a walk of our surrounding butterfly garden.  Verna served on the point Defiance membership board and brought that expertise with her to Okeeheelee to serve on our Friends Of board. This group is a valuable resource that helps provide for our animals.  Both she and Dick have been on tap for our special events.

Note the Citizen Observation Patrol uniforms in the picture and you know that they both are active volunteer members of the community.

Always cheerful and willing to help out or show off our Okeeheelee animals, make sure to say “Hi” to Dick and Verna when you see them at Okeeheelee Nature Center

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