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Frequently Asked Questions - Campground


Do you rent tents and camping equipment on the island?
There is nothing for rent or sale on the island. The only charges are for rental of overnight campsites. Please bring everything you will need - tent, food, beverages - with you when you come.

Can I rent a campsite just for the day?
Campsites are not rented for day use. The Fenced Campground and its pavilion are for the exclusive use of our overnight, registered campers only. Day visitors may use any of several Pavilions or Chiki Huts located around the island or any of the many picnic tables located throughout the public areas of the park on a first come, first serve basis.

I just want to use a picnic table in the campground. I'll gladly pay one night's rental fee. Why can't I use it?
Use of the park's limited resources is carefully divided to provide a variety of recreational opportunities for everyone, including those who want to stay for the day and those who want to camp overnight. There are only seventeen (17) reserved campsites on the island. Please leave the campsites for the campers and enjoy your picnic on one of the many tables and grills provided throughout the park for your visit.

I want to have a small party in the Campground Pavilion so I am going to rent a campsite and me and my guests can use the Pavilion for our party. Is that OK?
No. The reserved campground and all of its benefits are for the use of our visitors who truly want to enjoy an overnight camping experience on Peanut Island. The island is full of other opportunities to picnic or have a small party. The Campground Pavilion is shared by all seventeen (17) campsites. No one group is permitted to use the pavilion to the exclusion of their neighbors.

I had a great time camping. How soon can I come back for another camping trip?
Campers can stay once every two (2) months. Reservations can be made up to three (3) months in advance and are strongly recommended.


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