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Policies and Procedures Manual

Palm Beach County
Architectural and Engineering Consultant Multipliers CW-F-066
Board Appointments CW-O-023
Boards, Commissions and Task Forces - Expense Payments CW-O-038
County Organization Chart CW-O-003 Rescinded (10/16/95)
Disaster Preparation and Recovery - Emergency Alerting and Protection of Public Property CW-L-001
Economic Review of Ordinances CW-O-057
Funding for Community Consensus-Building Events CW-F-006
Incentive Leave CW-P-058
Information Technology Governance Policies CW-O-079      Governance Policy
Internal Audit Follow-up for Responses and Corrective Action CW-L-029
Inspector General Ordinance (2009-049) IG Fee Exemptions and Applicability CW-F-081
Items for Commission Action CW-O-014
Long Distance Telephone Usage and Billing CW-O-013(Rescinded 1/15/99)
See PPM# CW-O-066
One-Day Travel CW-F-010 Rescinded 12/15/91
See PPM# CW-F-009
Policies and Procedures Manuals CW-O-002 (Rescinded 10/16/95) See CW-O-001
Policies and Procedures Memoranda (PPMs) CW-O-001
Prohibition on Use or Possession of Alcohol Beverages and Illegal Drugs on County Property and in County Facilities CW-P-026
Selection of Professional Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Land Surveyors and Mappers CW-O-048 Attachments
Travel CW-F-009 Attachments A B C D E
Twenty-Four Hour Vehicle Assignments CW-O-021
Document Control CW-O-029
Industrial Development/Private Activity Bonds CW-F-065
Legal Review of Commission Items CW-O-016
Outside Counsel Conflicts of Interest CW-O-052
Reimbursement of Attorney's Fees and Costs In Defending Ethics Complaints CW-F-057
The Use, Retention, and Destruction of Electronic Mail (E-Mail) CW-R-006
Eminent Domain Settlements and Payment of Litigation Expenses for Right-of-Way Acquisitions CW-F-068
Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) CW-P-028
Alternative Work Schedules CW-P-042
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 CW-P-051
Applicant Interviews CW-P-014(Rescinded 7/1/98)
See PPM# CW-P-004
Assessor/Interviewer Travel Reimbursement CW-P-024 Rescinded 8/1/05
Auto Allowance CW-F-008
Classification Review Committee CW-P-044  
Compensatory Time (Rescinded) See Merit Rule 6.05. CW-P-049
Controlled Substances Use and Testing Policy CW-P-060
County Suggestion Awards Program CW-P-015 Rescinded 1/23/91
Deferred Compensation - Financial Hardship Review Committee CW-P-033
Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) CW-P-065
Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation in the Workplace CW-P-029
Emergency Compensation Policy CW-P-076
Emergency Service Agreement CW-P-005 Rescinded 2/9/98
Employee Donations of Vacation Leave To Other County Employees CW-P-059
Employee Retirement CW-P-010 Rescinded 11/24/97
Employee Tuition Refund Program CW-P-008  Attachment
Employees Unable to Perform Assigned Duties Due to  Illness/ Injury/Disability CW-P-054
Employment Categories Other Than Regular Employment CW-P-007
Attachment A
Employment of Qualified Persons with Disabilities and the Accommodation Process CW-P-017
Employment References CW-P-006 Rescinded 7/1/98
See PPM# CW-P-004
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, as amended by the Hitech Act of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 CW-P-072
Hiring Process CW-P-004
Job Applicant Travel Expense Reimbursement (Executive, Administrative and Professional Positions) CW-F-011
Labor Relations Negotiating Team CW-P-011
Layoff Procedures CW-P-047
Local Annuity Contribution Rate for Members Who Opt out of the Senior Management Service Class CW-P-074
Management Assessment and Training Program CW-P-038 Rescinded 9/25/97
Management by Objectives CW-O-017 Rescinded 9/25/97
Minimum Hiring Age CW-P-013 Rescinded 7/1/98
See PPM# CW-P-004
Moving Expense Reimbursement CW-F-012
New Employee Requisitions
See Hiring Process
One-Day Travel CW-F-010 Rescinded 12/15/91
See PPM# CW-F-009
Payroll Deductions CW-P-061
Personnel Action Forms CW-P-003
Personnel Appeals Board CW-P-055
Personnel Records CW-P-009
Political Activities of County Employees CW-P-012
Quality in Action CW-P-025 Rescinded 2/25/98
Reasonable Accommodation of Religious Practices CW-P-027
Requests for Initial Salary Above Minimum Levels CW-P-040
Return to Work After Non-Work Related Medical Absence CW-P-052
Service Awards Program CW-P-018
Severance Payments, Release of CW-P-066
Sexual Harassment CW-P-016 Rescinded 8/11/97
See PPM# CW-P-029
Special Salary Adjustments CW-P-035
Submission of Interview Questions to Personnel Prior to Department Receipt of Referral Lists(s) CW-P-041 Rescinded 7/1/98
See PPM# CW-P-004
Supervisory Orientation CW-P-030
Supplemental Pay for Military Reservists Called to Active Duty CW-P-062
Time and Attendance Records CW-P-048 - Instructions - Worksheet
Time and Attendance Records for Exempt Employees CW-P-056 Rescinded 9/2/98
Unemployment Compensation CW-P-020
Main Courthouse Floor Loading CW-O-015 Rescinded 5/1/04
Special District Roads CW-O-028
State Plane Coordinate Requirements for Surveys for Palm Beach County CW-O-058
Pollutant Storage Tank Systems CW-O-045
Eminent Domain Settlements and Payment of Litigation Expenses for Conservation Land Acquisitions CW-F-070
Access Card Management at County Facilities with Integrated Electronic Security Systems CW-L-041
Animals/Pets in County Owned Buildings CW-O-075
Bond Waiver Program CW-F-016
County-supplied Wireless Communications CW-O-020
Criminal History Record Checks CW-L-044
Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Emergency Utilization of 800 MHZ Emergency Management Talk-Groups CW-L-002
Energy Management Program CW-L-014
Encroachments on County Owned Real Estate (Non Right-of-Way) CW-L-022
Evaluating, Recovering and Recording Errors/Omissions by a Design Professional CW-F-067
Facility Naming CW-O-044(A)
Fire Alarm Reporting Procedures CW-R-004 Rescinded 10/16/98
Fire Sprinkler Service Procedure CW-O-034
Fixed Asset Capitalization Levels CW-F-014
Fixed Asset Depreciation CW-F-021 Rescinded 7/1/98
See PPM# CW-F-014
Fixed Asset Management - Real Property Assets CW-O-037
Fleet Management CW-O-035
Honoring Individuals or Groups in County Facilities CW-O-044(B)
Master Space Surveys & Strategic Facility Plans CW-L-015
Master Space Survey CW-L-018 Rescinded 10/16/98
See PPM # CW-L-015
Off-Hours Access to Courthouses and Administrative Complexes CW-L-007
Palm Beach County Public Building Food Service Concession CW-O-032
Use of County Owned Properties for Non-County Activities CW-O-024
Prohibition of Weapons at the Palm Beach County Governmental Center CW-L-042
P.U.D. - Planned Unit Development Civic Site Processing CW-L-016
Real Property Acquisition/ Disposition/ Exchange/ Lease/ Request for Proposals Process (Non Right-of-Way) (Revision in Process) CW-L-025
Real Property Acquisition (Non Right-of-Way) CW-L-013
Real Property Dispositions (Non Right-of-Way) CW-L-012
Real Property Donations/Charitable Lease to Not-for-Profit Palm Beach County Organizations (Revision in Process) CW-L-020
Real Property Exchanges (Non Right-of-Way) CW-L-026
Real Property In-Leases (Non Right-of-Way) CW-L-023
Real Property Out-Leases (Non Right-of-Way) (Revision in Process) CW-L-024
Requests for Radios, Pagers, Fire/Security Systems, Audio/Visual Systems, & Closed Circuit and Satellite Television Systems (New Forms to be issued at a later date) CW-L-030
Requests for Facilities-Related Services CW-O-040
Requests for Work -- Facility Improvements CW-L-017 Rescinded 9/10/10
Requirements for the Purchase, Sale and Lease of Real Property CW-L-041  Attachment
Security Programs CW-L-033
Security Screening Program at the Palm Beach County Governmental Center CW-L-043
Space Allocation Standards CW-L-019
Sub-Pool Vehicle Assignments - Rescinded CW-O-019
Telecommunications Service Charge Review & Analysis (Local Service & Long-Distance, Suncom & Commercial) CW-O-066
Vehicular Access to Governmental Center Courtyard CW-O-030 Rescinded 9/25/97
Computer Hardware, Software and Maintenance Service Procurement (In Process) CW-L-036
See PPM # CW-O-047
Enterprise Geographic Information System Maintenance and Management CW-R-009
Geographic Information Maintenance, Management and Dissemination CW-R-007 Rescinded 11/18/03
Information Resource Security Standards and Guidelines  CW-O-059   (Manual)
Internet Use Policy CW-R-008
Micro Computer Guidelines for the Agencies Under the BCC CW-L-028 (Rescinded 10/1/98)
Privacy of Oral, Wire, and Wireless Communications CW-O-081
Public Access to the Palm Beach County Enterprise Network CW-O-061
Request for Data Processing/Word Processing Equipment & Services CW-L-006 Rescinded 10/1/98
Standards for Address Records in Electronic Databases CW-O-047 Attachments
Standards for Departmental Intranet Web-Based Application, Design, Deployment and Maintenance CW-O-078
Standards for Web Page Design, Deployment and Maintenance CW-O-073
Server Standards (in process) CW-O-063
Accounting Policies for Interfund, Intrafund and External Transactions CW-F-043
Annual Budget Preparation Procedures CW-F-004 Rescinded 4/1/98
Budget Transfers and Amendments CW-F-013
Budgeted Reserves Reporting CW-F-042
Capital Project Fund Management for Impact Fee Funding of Capital Projects CW-F-032
Capital Projects Management Oversight CW-F-054
Cash Control of Impact Fees CW-F-029
Collection of Impact Fees CW-F-025
Computer Security for the County’s Automated Financial and Personnel/ Payroll Systems CW-F-020
Construction (Work)-in-Progress (CWIP) -Accounting Policies CW-F-062
Contract Administration Procedures CW-O-018
Change Order and Consultant Services Authorization Authority for Construction, Engineering and Architectural Contracts CW-F-050
Attachment A
Attachment B
Contract Development and Contract Responsibility CW-F-049
Cost Justification Using the Information Economics Model (In Process) CW-F-060
Custody and Disposal of Surplus Assets CW-O-027
Debt Management Policy CW-F-074
Debt Service Administration: Delineation of Responsibilities between OFMB and the Clerk's Finance Department (Finance) CW-F-058
Disaster Preparation and Recovery -- Documentation of Disaster -Related Expenditures CW-F-061
Disposal of Scrap Metal CW-O-039
Donations Policy CW-F-037
Donation of County-Owned Surplus Tangible Personal Property to Governmental Entities CW-O-067
Duties and Responsibilities of the Impact Fee Coordinator CW-F-033 Rescinded 2/7/02
Electronic Records -- Management & Public Access CW-R-005
Electronic Signatures-- Electronic Transactions CW-R-010
Establishment and Reporting of Trust Funds CW-F-053
Evaluating, Recovering and Recording Errors/Omissions by a Design Professional CW-F-067
Fees Associated with Public Records Requests CW-F-002
Fees - Duplication of Records CW-F-002
Fixed Asset Capitalization Levels, Valuation Methods And Depreciable Lives CW-F-014
Fixed Asset Depreciation CW-F-021 Rescinded 7/1/98
See CW-F-014
Fixed Asset Management - Real Property Assets CW-O-037
Grant Administration CW-F-003
Grant Application and Reporting for Non-Routine County Funded Grants CW-F-063
Impact Fee Collection By Municipalities CW-F-023 Rescinded 2/7/02
See PPM # CW-F-025
Impact Fee Compliance Review CW-F-031
Impact Fee Escrow Agreements CW-F-069
Impact Fee Recording CW-F-027 Rescinded 1/16/04
See PPM # CW-F-023
Interdepartmental Billings CW-F-044
Inventory of Parts and Suppliers CW-F-059
IRS Form 1099-S Requirements (Real Estate Transactions) CW-F-073
Lease, Lease-Purchase and Installment Purchase Contracts for Tangible Personable Property CW-O-010
Microfilming Quality Control CW-R-002
Modifications to the County's Automated Financial System CW-F-071
Municipal Re-computation and Refund of Impact Fees CW-F-024 Rescinded 2/7/02
See PPM # CW-F-026
Notary Public Commission CW-O-009
OFMB Review of Formal Contracts and Requests For Proposals CW-O-065
Petty Cash, Change Funds & Imprest Checking Accounts CW-F-041
Physical Identification and Management of County-Owned Fixed Assets CW-O-026
Physical Identification of County Owned Fixed Assets CW-L-011 Rescinded 1/12/01
Policy for Accepting Letters of Credit CW-F-055
Procedure Regarding Front-End Loading and Unbalanced Bids for Construction Contracts CW-O-042
Procedure and Policy Regarding Acceptance of Escrow Agreements CW-F-040
Procedure and Policy Regarding Acceptance of Performance Bonds and Payment Bonds CW-F-056
Procedure and Policy Regarding Delegated Authority For Execution of County Contracts/Agreements/Grants CW-O-051
Procedure and Policy Regarding SBE Requirements Related to Construction and Professional Services Contracts CW-O-049
Public Service Tax Compliance CW-F-035
Recalculations and Adjustments of Impact Fees CW-F-026
Receivables Collections and Write-Offs CW-F-048
Reconciliation of Departmental Accounting Records To The County’s Financial System Records CW-F-017
Records Management Program CW-R-001
Refund of Impact Fees by the County Finance Department CW-F-028 Rescinded 1/16/01
See PPM # CW-F-026
Requirements for Construction and Construction Related Contracts with Values of Less than $100,000.00 To Be Approved BY Department Heads Under The Authority of PBC Ordinance No. 96-17 CW-F-064
Reporting Requirements for Impact Fee System CW-F-030
Revenue Forecasting and Monitoring CW-F-046
Revenue-Producing Contracts and Ordinances CW-F-047
Review and Approval of Impact Fee Credits from Developments in Municipalities CW-F-034
Sales Tax Collection and Reporting CW-F-018
Stay of Records Destruction ("Records Hold") CW-R-003
Surplus Asset Program CW-O-025
Surplus Land Sales Proceeds Disposition Policy CW-F-038
Tags, Registrations and Titles for County Vehicles CW-O-074
The Negotiation of Non-Standard Contracts/Agreements CW-O-056
Thrift Store Operations CW-O-068
Vending Machines on County-Owned or Leased Property CW-F-039
Warranty Claims CW-F-045
Small Business Enterprise Program 
Policies and Procedures Manual
Guidelines for Subsidization of Bus Transportation for Special Groups or Events CW-O-033 Rescinded 2/7/02
Tree Memorial Program CW-O-072 Rescinded 7/15/04
Land Development Regulation Amendment Process CW-L-038
Municipal Boundary Changes CW-L-031 Rescinded 9//10/10
Certificates of Appreciation CW-O-046
Channel 20 Sponsorship Policy CW-O-053
Channel 20 Program Selection Policy CW-O-054
Channel 20 Programming Procedure CW-O-055
Citizens' Service Center Policy and Procedures CW-O-012
Countywide Ordinances: Applicability; and Notification to Municipalities CW-O-041
General Policies and Guidelines for Channel 20 CW-O-050
Hyperlinks from and to The Palm Beach County Web Site CW-R-011
Inserts in County Bills CW-O-062
Media Releases and Media Contact CW-O-011
Printing and Publication of County Documents CW-L-005
Sale of Merchandise Displaying County Logo CW-O-064
Standardization of County Stationery, Envelopes, Business Cards, Media
Release Forms and Memo Pads
Standards for Web Page Design, Deployment and Maintenance CW-O-073
Tree Memorial Program CW-O-072
Use of County Logo CW-L-046
Video Duplicating Fees for Channel 20 CW-F-022 (Rescinded 8/1/99)
Emergency Use Credit Cards CW-L-045
Direct Payments For Goods and Services CW-L-035
Dues, Memberships and Subscriptions CW-F-007
Postage for County Departments Located in The Governmental Center and the Judicial Center CW-L-003
Price Agreement CW-O-036 Rescinded 9/25/97
See CW-L-008
Procurement Protest Hearings CW-L-039
Purchasing Ordinance Exemptions
(Revision in process)
Purchasing Policy and Procedures CW-L-008
Purchasing Supplies from Small Stores CW-L-004 Rescinded 9/25/97
Ordinance No. 86-19: Authorized Expenditures for Awards, Refreshments and Commendation Breakfasts, Luncheons or Dinners CW-F-019
Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS) in County Owned / Operated Buildings CW-O-076
Chain Saw Operation CW-O-071
Collection of Claims for Damage to County Property CW-F-001
Confined Space Entry Procedures CW-O-077
Emergency Evacuation Procedures CW-O-022
Employee Assistance Program CW-P-045
Exposure Control Plan for the Prevention of Tuberculosis CW-P-069
Fall Protection Policy CW-P-070
Group Life and Health Insurance CW-P-023
Hazardous Waste Management CW-O-006
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program CW-L-037
Liability/Property Claim and Lawsuit Payments CW-P-064
Lockout/Tagout Policy CW-O-070
Medical Leave of Absence CW-P-053
Medical Monitoring CW-P-001
Mileage Reimbursement Policy CW-F-005 Rescinded 12/15/91
Palm Beach County Asbestos Policy CW-L-010
Property and Liability Claims Accident and Incident Reporting CW-O-007
Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) CW-P-068
Right-To-Know/Hazard Communication Policy CW-P-070
Rules Relating to Payment of Group Insurance Premiums CW-P-022
Safety Footwear Policy CW-P-037
Safety Policy CW-O-005
Smoking Policy CW-P-036
Employee Injury/ Illness Reporting and Management CW-P-021
Temporary Field Disposition Known or Unknown Hazardous Substances CW-O-008 Rescinded 10/1/02
Trenching and Shoring Procedures CW-O-069
Vehicle Safety Program CW-O-004
Vehicle Safety “How’s My Driving?” CW-P-067
Workers’ Compensation Claims Payment CW-P-063
Workers Compensation Program CW-P-002
Policies and Procedures for Film Liaison Office CW-O-031
Inserts in County Bills CW-O-062