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Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control rescues many dogs, cats and other domestic animals from abusive environments. Please report animal abuse to (561) 233-1200. Anonymous calls are taken, but it may be difficult to follow up if Animal Control Officers do not have a contact person for detailed information.

Donations are always accepted to help support the animals rescued, and it is tax deductible. Checks can be mailed to PBC Animal Care and Control, Attn: Elizabeth Harfmann, 7100 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33411. For more information about donating by credit card, call 561-233-1222 or e-mail.


In a complaint of 14 emaciated horses on a deserted property, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Special Investigations Unit officers moved forward with a search warrant and subsequent seizure of the animals.  All horses were brought to the County’s shelter for immediate veterinary care and rehabilitation.  Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control staff veterinarians and large animal veterinary professionals worked through the night to stabilize the herd.  One horse, suffering from severe emaciation and colic, was too far gone to save.

Knowing the expense required to restore these horses to a sound and healthy condition, the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Director, Dianne Sauve, submitted a request for grant assistance.  True to the word of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to award grants in such instances, a generous grant of $7,000.00 was awarded to provide veterinary care, farrier and dental care, vaccines, feed, hay and supplements for these horses.  The care provided by the ASPCA grant resulted in the amazing recovery of all of the horses, but one.

The horses suffered from malnutrition and associated maladies, umbilical hernias, abrasions and wounds, nasal discharge and coughing, lameness, rain rot, teeth abscesses, hoof abscesses, and hoof thrush. Through expert veterinary care by contract and staff veterinarians, and the loving care and attention of shelter staff and numerous volunteers, the condition of the horses gradually improved so that adoption of these horses to loving and permanent homes could begin in January 2013.

Through the prompt assistance of the ASPCA in these circumstances, agencies are able to readily aid and serve the animals in need in our local communities.  With the ability of the ASPCA to support animal agencies such as Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, animals receive a second chance for survival and placement in homes where proper and loving care is available.


There were seven Paso Finos rescued from property in the Loxahatchee, Florida area September 22, 2010. The horses were owner surrendered to Animal Care and Control. Two local large animal veterinarians offered their services to geld the stallions. There have been many generous people who have donated supplies, feed, and funds to help with the care of these animals. See some photographs of horses rescued.

Coco Before Coco Before
Photographed 9/23/10 For information, e-mail
Coco Before Coco Before
Photographed 9/23/10 Donations being accepted. Call 561-233-1222

Sunny from the Palm Beach Post Article August 17, 2010.....

Coco Before Coco Before
Sunny receiving medical treatment at Animal Care and Control. Rescued Thursday, August 12. Sunny found in a crate sitting in her own feces, urine, and mud; she was unable to walk or hold her head up.
Coco Before Coco Before
Sunny playing at her foster home 8/30/10. Sunny finally goes to her new home 9/21/10.

Sunny and five other dogs were rescued from a home in Delray Beach where they were left to fend for themselves. They are just an example of numerous animals left in the heat of South Florida without proper food, shelter or water. Happily, they all went to great homes after six weeks.

There is a law, the Anti-Tethering Law, that states no animal is to be left tied or chained outdoors any day of the year from 10 am to 5 pm. If residents witness an animal in distress, they should contact Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control immediately by calling 561-233-1200.

Coco Before Coco After

Chloe, Pepsi, Lucy &
Chopper ready to fly to
their new home in Virginia.

Lucy checking the scenery out through the plane's window.

The four remaining dogs of the original six found a home together. All four flew to Virginia Monday, September 27 to live with their new family.

Animal Care Animal Care

Chloe was fascinated with
the clouds outside the
window of the plane.

Chopper is extremely happy with his new two acre yard and the cool weather.
Animal Care Animal Care
Pepsi was more interested
in her chewy than looking
at the clouds.
Chloe snuggling to keep warm in her new house.


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