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Palm Beach County, Florida, Code of Ordinances>>- PALM BEACH COUNTY CODE >>Chapter 19-MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC>>ARTICLE VII - TOWING >>
Printable version can be found at this linkpdf
Section 19-181 Title
Section 19-182 Definitions
Section 19-183 Towtruck Class Specifications
Section 19-184 Towing Operating Permit Required
Section 19-185 New Applications/Renewals and Issuance of Operating Permit; Fees
Section 19-186 Inspection of Storage Yards and Public Offices Required
Section 19-187 Insurance Requirements
Section 19-188 Towtruck Registration; Towtruck Standards; Decals
Section 19-189 Inspection Procedures and Requirements
Section 19-190 Non-consent Manifest, Towing Invoice or Tow Sheet
Section 19-191 Advertisements
Section 19-192 Records Required
Section 19-193 Operating Permit Required to do Business with the County
Section 19-194 Non-Consent Towing With Prior Express Instruction of Real Property Owner or Authorized Agent and/or Law Enforcement Agency
Section 19-195 Notice Requirements for Providing Tow Services at Request of Real Property Owners
Section 19-196 Non-consent Towtruck Company Requirements
Section 19-197 Consent-Only Towtruck Company Requirements
Section 19-198 Maximum Non-Consent Towing and Storage Rates for Non-Consent Tow Services
Section 19-199 Towtruck Driver Requirements; Failure to Comply
Section 19-200 Fraudulent Transfer of Towtruck Company
Section 19-201 Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices
Section 19-202 Cease and Desist Order
Section 19-203 Assurance of Voluntary Compliance
Section 19-204 Enforcement and Penalties; Civil and Criminal
Section 19-205 Administrative Enforcement, Denial, Revocation and Suspension of Operating Permits
Section 19-206 Additional Penalties
Section 19-207 Hearings and Appeals
Section 19-208 Scope of Article
Section 19-209 -19-210 Reserved



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