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  • April: Sexual assault Awareness Month
  • September: Campus Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Therapy Services for Crime Victims


If you are a crime victim and are considering therapy, we welcome your call. Licensed therapists are available for appointments in each Palm Beach County Courthouse, Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. Free services include individual therapy and support groups for adults and children. After hours appointments are available. Depending on individual needs, therapy helps clients to:

  • Identify distressing reactions.
  • Explore the impact that trauma symptoms have on daily life.
  • Gradually explore recollection of the crime, to reduce the intensity of emotional responses and symptoms.
  • Learn about common trauma reactions and phases in healing.
  • Feel hopeful and positive regarding the future.
  • Develop increased comfort when thinking or talking about the crime
  • Return to work.
  • Explore the impact on current and future relationships.

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Division Director:
Nicole A. Bishop
205 N. Dixie, Suite 5.1100, 5th floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 355-2418
24 Hour Crisis Helpline
TTY: 561-355-1772

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