Vehicle For Hire Company Disclosure and Disclaimer
The following is a list of vehicle for hire companies licensed to provide personal transportation services in Palm Beach County. Information about these companies may include administrative actions (i.e, Notices of Violations, Civil Citations and Cease and Desist Orders) initiated by the Consumer Affairs Division after January 1, 2002.
While Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs does not recommend or rate any vehicle for hire company, these licensed companies have met the minimum requirements of the Palm Beach County Vehicle for Hire Ordinance. The license information may be used as a reference when contracting for personal transportation services. Consumer Affairs has no way to determine the volume of business and customer contacts for these licensed companies.
A three-year dispute history and business information report for each licensed vehicle for hire company is available by contacting Consumer Affairs.
This license information is updated regularly. Consumer Affairs exercises strict procedures to ensure validity of the information, but cannot guarantee complete accuracy. If you see a possible error, please contact Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs:
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Phone West Palm Beach area: (561) 712-6600
Boca/Delray/Glades residents call toll free: 1-888-852-7362
Fax: (561) 712-6610