Exurban Tier GraphicThe Exurban Tier generally lies in the central portion of the County just west of the Urban/Suburban Tier. This Tier includes rural subdivisions with 1.25 to 2.5 acre homesteads, many of which support home-based agriculture and equestrian uses. Historically remote, these areas attracted those desiring a rural lifestyle. However, rapid growth and development pressures have necessitated a better mix of uses and limited urban services. The primary strategy of this Tier is to plan for growth impacts while protecting and maintaining the area's semi-rural lifestyle.

To accomplish this, the Tier System allows agricultural and equestrian uses, as well as maintains and improves rural development regulations. New lots must be a minimum of 2.5 acres and non-residential uses should only be of a size and type to serve the immediate community. To enhance the sense of community, the Tier System promotes co-location of commercial and civic uses, and recognizes the directives of locally-generated neighborhood plans.


Objectives and Policies

Exurban Tier (Obj. 13., page 24)

Limited Urban Service Area (Obj. 3.3, page 73)

Rural Service Area (Obj. 3.4, page 73)

Comprehensive Plan

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