DRO Related Information
Insufficiency Review - (The issues list has been used to clarify reasons why an application would be deemed insufficient.  Note that zoning staff has modified the process and will no longer hold up the DRO Agency Review until the insufficient issues are resolved. Other Agencies will be able to continue their review in ePZB while the applicant is addressing the insufficiency issues.)
Pre-Meeting Checklist-Form 94 - (This form has been updated to include additional code check off boxes for staff in order to identify for the applicant specific requirements that are relevant to their proposed application submittal. Staff encourages the applicant to fill in any relevant information they can prior to the meeting so it can help expedite the pre-meeting review.  Also, note that the pre-meeting allows limited time for staff to touch on all issues relative to the application, and is a cursory review only. Therefore, we encourage the applicant to be informed about the code provisions and come to the meeting with specific questions and possible answers that staff can confirm.)