Workforce Housing
  Workforce Housing Programs
  The recently adopted Workforce Housing Regulations adopted November 2006, are now effective. All applications submitted will be reviewed under the adopted regulations. Any zoning development application in process and certified will proceed under the April 5, 2006 Board of County Commission (BCC) policy for Workforce Housing for residential units over 10 units.

Before submitting an application to the Zoning Division, please contact the Planning Division at 561-233-5300 for a pre-application conference.
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  Workforce Housing Pre-Application
  ULDC Workforce Housing Amendment
  8/23/06 Workforce Housing Program Ordinance – Request for BCC Direction
  9/13/06 LDRAB/LDRC Draft

9/26/06 BCC Zoning Hearing RFP to Advertise

  10/17/06 BCC Zoning Hearing 1st Reading
  11/21/06 BCC Zoning Hearing 2nd Reading/Adoption
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  March 23, 2006 Public Notice
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