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Frequently Asked Questions About Impact Fees

What are impact fees?
Impact fees are fees assessed against new development that are used to provide capital facilities, such as roads, schools and parks, that are demanded by growth in Palm Beach County.

What are the seven impact fee components?
There are seven impact fee components: roads, schools, parks, fire rescue, law enforcement, public buildings, libraries.

When are impact fees paid?
Impact fees must be paid at the time of building permit issuance.

What are the accepted methods of impact fee payment?
Impact fees must be paid in cash or by check.

Can impact fee payments be made in installments?
Impact fees must be paid in full at the time of building the time of building permit issuance.

Who pays impact fees?
Any applicant creating development which has an impact on the public facilities.

Is an impact fee a tax?
An impact fee is not a tax but rather a fee assessed against new development in the County.

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How are impact fees assessed?
Impact fees are primarily assessed based upon the type of land use and size (square feet) of the proposed development.

What options does an applicant have if the applicant does not agree with the impact fee assessment?
If the applicant disagrees with the impact fee assessment based upon the fee schedules, the applicant may opt to perform an independent feel calculation study. The impact fee study must follow the methodologies used in the Impact Fee Report. Independent fee calculations studies must be simultaneously submitted to the Traffic Engineer's and Impact Fee Coordinator's offices. The cost of the independent fee calculation study is borne by the applicant.

What steps can the applicant take to have impact fees assessed based on old rates prior to an impact fee rate increase?
Impact fee rates used in an assessment are based on the building permit application date. If the applicant submits a complete building permit application prior to the effective date of the impact fee increase, the impact fee assessment is based upon the old impact fee rates.

What is an existing use credit?
An existing use credit is given when an applicant develops land that previously contained an existing structure.

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How do I qualify for an existing use credit?
To qualify for an existing use credit, the feepayer must provide certified documentation of the square footage, last land use, and the existence of the previously existing structure.

When should the applicant apply for an existing use credit?
All applications for existing use credit must be claimed and approved by the Impact Fee Coordinator's Office before building permit issuance.

When are Declaration and Restrictive Covenants filed?
A Declaration and Restrictive Covenant must be approved and filed with the Clerk of Courts and Impact Fee Coordinator's Office before building permits are issued.

How long do refunds take to process?
Once approved, an applicant can expect to receive a refund check in 45 to 60 days.

Where can the applicant find additional information about impact fees?
Additional information about impact fees may be obtained by reading Article 13, Impact Fees, of the Unified Land Development Code, or by contacting the Impact Fee Office at (561) 233-5025.

Where is the Impact Fee Office located?
The address of the Impact Fee Office is:
Vista Center Complex
2300 N. Jog Road, 2nd Floor
West Palm Beach, FL. 33411-2741

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