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Agendas and Staff Reports for the applications listed below are available on the Zoning Web Page a minimum of 5 days prior to the scheduled Zoning Commission and Zoning BCC Public Hearings.

To find the applicable Hearing dates for the application your are interested in, please click on the application link and note within the box for the dates.

Click here for Zoning Public Hearing Agenda website:

Control# Application Number Application Name
1972-00051 ZV/ABN/DOA/R-2016-01229 7-Eleven Inc. at Boynton West Shopping Center
1973-00039 DOA/R-2016-02009 The Reserve Self-Storage at Oriole Plaza
1981-00190 ZV/DOA/CA-2017-00572 Palm Beach Park of Commerce Surf Ranch Florida
1982-00053 DOA-2017-01430 Able Lawnmower Sales and Service
1984-00058 ZV/ABN/DOA/R-2017-00354 7-Eleven Delray Beach
1984-00130 DOA/R-2016-02204 Vista Center Parcel 6
1985-00155 ZV-2017-01616 The Falls Commercial MUPD
1991-00037 ZV/ABN/DOA/PDD/CA-2016-02202 Wawa SB 1327
1993-00057 ABN/PDD/DOA-2017-00574 Polo Trace II PUD
1996-00081 DOA-2017-01402 Villages of Windsor SW Civic
2000-00032 EAC-2017-1452 Sussman AGR-PUD
2002-00011 ZV-2017-00559 MPC III Turnpike Business Park
2002-00018 DOA-2017-01020 Palm Beach County Park Site at Sansbury's Way
2002-00018 SV/Z/DOA-2017-00576 The King's Academy and PBC Park Site at Sansbury's Way
2003-30038 Z/CA-2016-01831 Aladdin Residential
2007-00238 ZV/ABN/Z/CA-2017-00810 KidSanctuary
2012-00433 PDD/R/TDR-2017-00345 Boynton Atrium CLF