Purpose of the Agricultural Reserve

The Agricultural Reserve is established in the Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan, under Objective 1.5. The purpose of the Agricultural Reserve is to preserve unique farmland and wetlands in order to enhance agricultural activity, environmental and water resources, and open space, by limiting uses to agriculture, conservation, low density residential development, and non-residential uses which serve the needs of farmworkers and residents of the Ag Reserve Tier.

2014-2015 Workshops of the Board of County Commissioners

In March 2014, the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) held a workshop to discuss issues and policies affecting the Agricultural Reserve Area, in response to requests by farmers and other property owners seeking to expand the development options available in the Agricultural Reserve.

Following that workshop, the BCC directed staff to meet with various interest groups, to prepare a "roundtable" discussion of representatives of each interest group, and to bring the results of the Roundtable process to the BCC for discussion and direction at a future workshop, which was held in March 2015. Additional information regarding these workshops and the roundtable process can be found here.

Subsequently, the BCC has taken action or provided direction on several items through amendments to the County’s Comprehensive Plan as discussed below.

2015-2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Several amendments to the Comprehensive Plan have been adopted or are in process pursuant to BCC direction. In addition, the list below includes privately proposed Future Land Use Atlas and text amendment requests in the Ag Reserve.

Amendment Round 15-2

Contiguity Requirements for 60/40 Planned Development Preserves: On October 26, 2015, the BCC adopted amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Unified Land Development Code to allow free-standing preserve areas of less than 150 acres to serve as preserves associated with Agricultural Reserve 60/40 planned developments. The staff report and ordinance are available here.

Amendment Round 16-A

On January 27th, 2016, the BCC adopted County-initiated amendments to the Comprehensive Plan as summarized below. The staff reports and ordinances are available here.

Pre-existing Non-Residential Land Uses: These amendments revised language in the Comprehensive Plan regarding pre-existing commercial and institutional uses to provide greater specificity to allow these properties to continue and expand as conforming uses, and included Future Land Use Atlas amendments to change the future land use designation on some of these sites from Agricultural Reserve (AGR) to Commercial Low (CL) or Institutional and Public Facilities (INST).

New Non-Residential Land Uses: This privately-initiated site–specific amendment for the Thomas Packing property at the NE corner of Clint Moore Road and SR 7, removed this property from the Agricultural Reserve Tier and changed the Future Land Use from AGR to Multiple Land Use (with Commercial Low and Low Residential 2 units per acre).  

Amendment Round 16-B

On April 27th, 2016, the BCC adopted County-initiated amendments to the Comprehensive Plan to the State for review as summarized below. The 16-B adoption staff reports can be found here.

County Initiated Commercial Text.  This amendment was directed by the Board of County Commissioners in order to allow commercial future land use requests to be considered on a case by case basis.

Privately Initiated Commercial Land Uses. The BCC also adopted three privately-proposed FLUA amendments for commercial future land use in the Agricultural Reserve (Alderman, Homrich, and Delray Growers).

Farm Residences: This amendment permits owners of agricultural parcels with an existing or planned residence to sell development rights from all but 1 acre of a property, on property having a land use density of one unit per 5 acres. Information regarding this provision can be found here.

Amendment Round 16-C

These amendments were transmitted on April 27th, 2016.  The transmittal staff reports can be found here.

Privately Initiated Commercial Land Uses. Two additional private Future Land Use Atlas amendment requests (Smigiel and Feurring) to Commercial Low (CL) were transmitted, one of which include privately proposed text amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

For further information regarding recently adopted or transmitted amendments, visit the Amendments in Process page.

For further information regarding the amendment process, contact Stephanie Gregory, Planner II, at 561-233-5388 or sgregor1@pbcgov.org or visit the following link for additional information: Comprehensive Plan Amendment Info

Agricultural Reserve PDD Maps

The maps below depict publicly owned lands and approved/pending planned development districts (PDDs). Due to the file size, downloads may take several minutes to process depending on the internet connection speed.

Ag Reserve Small Map - 11 x 17
Ag Reserve Large Map - 22 x 36

Agricultural Reserve Master Plan

Ag Reserve Master Plan

Preliminary Master Planning Documents

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