What is the difference between the Control Number and the Petition Number?

Planning, Zoning & Building is presently working on automating many of their processes into ePZB, an electronic web application. During this electronic transition, the Petition Number name has been changed to Control Number. The year is 4 digits and the sequence number will be changed from 3 digits to 5 digits

Control Number Petition Number
Year Sequence Number Year Sequence Number
4 digits 5 digits 4 digits 3 digits
1993 00002 1993 002

The Control Number/Petition Number is issued when a project is originally submitted to PZB. This number is the link to the parcels (PCNs) associated with that project. Individual parcels (PCNs) may be added and subtracted from the group of PCNs associated with the Control Number over time as various developmental activities change and grow. However, if the use of the land changes significantly enough from what was originally approved, a new Control Number may be issued for the affected parcels.