Bird: Brown Thrasher (Toxostoma rufum)

Length: 11.5"

Description: Similar shape to and in the same family as a mockingbird. A very bright rufous brown above. Buff below with heavy dark striping. Eyes are bright amber. The legs are light. Bill is very long and is dark. Tail is very long, bright reddish-brown like body and rounded at end. Often confused with a Wood Thrush, but is larger, has a longer tail, and yellowish eye is very distinct.

Voice: Like a Mockingbird, has a series of melodious songs. Each is repeated twice. These may sometimes imitate the calls of other birds. Also has a low "churr" and sharp "spuk". Audio is available at

Image courtesy Al Liberman

Feeding: Feeds on the ground. Uses beak to pick up seeds and to shuffle through leaves and dirt for insects.

Behavior at Wakodahatchee: The Brown Thrasher is a secretive bird and is quick to seek cover. It is a rare sight at Wakodahatchee. It is somewhat common during the winter at the Okeeheelee Nature Center feeder where these pictures were made. It has been reported that they are becoming scarce within their ranges. The reason is not known.

Image courtesy Al Liberman

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