Bird: Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis phoebe)

Length: 7"

Description: Finch-sized bird with a blunt shaped head that is dark brown on top and follows a shallow gradient to a lighter brown on a wide neck. Lower part of light buff breast is often highlighted with a soft yellow. Wings and tail are dark. The legs, beak and eye are dark with no eye ring. Pumps and spreads tail when perched.

Voice: Chirps, and also calls itself by name in high pitched whistle, "fee-bee". Audio is available at

Image courtesy Al Liberman

Feeding: Feeds on ground or flies from perch to catch insects in mid-air. In the absence of insects, eats berries.

Behavior at Wakodahatchee: A winter visitor that is not often seen at Wakodahatchee. When it is observed, it is often seen among the foliage of the trees on the berms. The Eastern Phoebe is much easier to spot at Loxahatchee. Especially check along the edges of wooded areas.

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